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8 documents matched the search for the 2005-06-14 issue of the NEP report on History & Philosophy of Economics (nep-hpe), currently edited by Erik Thomson.
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Gopinath VadirajaRao Bangalore, from University Library of Munich, Germany (2005)
Keywords: Law of Conservation, Wants and Means

Theory of Economics in natural societies,
Krishna Gopal Misra, from University Library of Munich, Germany (2005)
Keywords: natural economics

THE NEW GROWTH THEORIES AND THEIR EMPIRICS, Discussion Paper in Economics, University of Glasgow, N. 2005-04 (,
Rosa Capolupo, from University Library of Munich, Germany (2005)
Keywords: endogenous growth, growth regressions, convergence

Back to Keynes?,
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg, from C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers (2005)
Keywords: bankruptcy; inventories; Keynesian economics; liquidity; monetary policy; monopolistic competition; New Keynesian Phillips curve; nominal wage rigidity; pro-cyclical real wage; unemployment; welfare

Economics Ideas and Institutions in Historical Perspective: Cairú and Hamilton on Trade and Finance,
Matías Vernengo, from University of Utah, Department of Economics (2005)
Keywords: Cairú, Hamilton, brazil

Free Banking and the Bank of Canada,
David Laidler, from University of Western Ontario, Economic Policy Research Institute (2005)
Keywords: Bank of Canada; central banking; free banking; price stability rates; unemployment; multiplier

Adam Smith e seu contexto: o Iluminismo escocês,
Hugo da Gama Cerqueira, from Cedeplar, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2005)
Keywords: Adam Smith, Scottish enlightenment, political economy

Another Distortion of Adam Smith: The Case of the "Invisible Hand",
Michael Meeropol, from Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (2004) Downloads

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