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Featured Content lets you choose specific posts to highlight in a special way. In some themes, you can include pages or portfolio projects in a Featured Content area, alongside posts. One common way of displaying Featured Content in a theme is in a slider, like the Dyad or Dara themes.

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Featured Content slider in Dara
Featured Content slider in Dara

Other themes may display Featured Content in a larger grid area — like Canard and Gazette — or by displaying them larger than the rest of your posts, like AltoFocus and Apostrophe 2.

Canard grid
Featured Content grid in Canard

There are several steps to setting up a Featured Content area. Let’s look at the process.

Go to My Site(s) Appearance → Customize and open your Customizer’s Featured Content panel.

Choose a word to use as your Featured Content tag, add it in the text field.

We suggest using an all-lowercase, single word for your tag. Do not add any punctuation, such as quote marks.

Save your changes with the Publish button.

Setting a featured-content tag for the slider in Dara

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In each post/page/project, open the Categories and Tags module – just labeled “Tags” for pages and portfolio projects – and add the same tag you created earlier.

In the editor, open the posts — or pages or portfolio projects, if your theme supports them — that you’d like to include in Featured Content.

Tags area in post editor

Add a featured image to be displayed in the Featured Content area.

Featured image area in post editor

View your site to make sure the Featured Content looks like what you wanted and adjust as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my theme has a Featured Content area?

Open the Customizer. If you see a Featured Content panel, your theme supports it. You can also find your theme in the showcase and click Open Live Demo to view the demo site, or look at the theme’s showcase page for Featured Content screenshots and a setup guide.

How do I know in what way my theme displays Featured Content?

Search for your theme’s name in the showcase and click Open Live Demo to take a look at the demo site. You can also look at the theme’s showcase page for screenshots and a setup guide.

How can I find all themes with a Featured Content slider?

Look at the themes included in this feature filter. Some older themes might use a different method to create a slider. If you don’t see a Featured Content panel in your Customizer, check the theme’s showcase page for instructions on setting up its Featured Content area.

How can I find themes that let you include Pages in Featured Content?
Why don’t my posts appear in the blog stream below my Featured Content slider or grid?

If you’d like posts to appear both in the Featured Content are and the main blog area, go into the Customizer’s Featured Content panel and check the box that says “Also display tagged posts outside the Featured Content area.”

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