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Navigating WooCommerce on WordPress.com

This page outlines how to navigate WooCommerce to manage your online store on WordPress.com.

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Accessing your Store via WooCommerce

In your WordPress.com dashboard, look for the WooCommerce option:

WordPress.com dashboard options, with an arrow pointing to WooCommerce

The WooCommerce menu item is located in the sidebar below the Jetpack menu item. Clicking on this will take you to the WooCommerce options.

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WooCommerce Dashboard

When you launch the WooCommerce management experience, you will be greeted with a home screen that looks lke this:

Screenshot of the WooCommerce home screen

This home screen gives you quick access to key stats about your Store. It also displays items that need your attention such as orders to be fulfilled, product reviews that need moderation, and inventory alerts for your products.

The home screen also provides other insightful information via the Inbox feature, and a set of quick links to help you get to the store management tasks with ease.

For more details on all the functionality available on the WooCommerce Home Screen, please refer to the WooCommerce Support documentation on the subject.

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Product Management

To manage your store’s products, go to WooCommerce → Products. Like all areas of WooCommerce, the Product Management area has a very detailed guide to assist you.

Product Listing
Screenshot of the WooCommerce product management screen
The Product Management screen
Product Editing
Screenshot of the WooCommerce Edit Product screen
The Product Editing screen

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Order Management

By going to WooCommerce → Orders, you can fulfill orders, print shipping labels, comment on orders, and more.

To dive into further details about the various areas of order management, please explore the Managing Orders documentation here.

Order Listing
Screenshot of the WooCommerce Order Management screen
The Order Management screen
Order Editing
Screenshot of the WooCommerce Edit Order screen
The Order Editing screen

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Promotions / aka Coupons & Sale Products

To create and manage coupons, go to Marketing → Coupons:

Screenshot of the WooCommerce Marketing > Coupons screen, where coupons are managed
The Coupons screen

Details about how to place an individual product on sale in WooCommerce can be seen in the WooCommerce Product Management documentation. For in-depth information about Coupons in WooCommerce, please refer to the WooCommerce Coupon Management documentation.

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Review Management

In the WooCommerce interface, there is not a dedicated sidebar menu item to access reviews. However, there is a Reviews Panel that appears at the top of each WooCommerce page that gives you quick access to pending Product Reviews:

Screenshot of the WooCommerce Reviews panel, where you can manage pending reviews
The Reviews screen

When you have pending Product Reviews, a red dot next to the Reviews panel will signal that there are new reviews to be moderated. Clicking on the Manage button on an individual review will direct you to the page to manage this particular Product Review.

Screenshot of the WooCommerce Edit Comment screen, where a comment (review) can be edited

For more information about utilizing the Reviews activity panel, and all other activity panels, please refer to the WooCommerce Activity Panel documentation.

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Store Settings

The Settings area of WooCommerce provides a greater deal of granular control over all aspects of your online store: 

Screenshot of the WooCommerce General Settings screen
The Settings screen

For full details around all of the settings in Woo, please reference the documentation for Configuring WooCommerce Settings.

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Marketplace: Extending Your Store

Visit the marketplace of WooCommerce Extensions to add more functionality and further customize your store.

To explore all of the extensions that are available, you can click on the Marketplace menu item in the WooCommerce sidebar:

Screenshot of the WooCommerce Marketplace page

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