Senior Thesis

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A Note to Students:

Completing a senior thesis will likely be the most challenging and rewarding experience of an undergraduate's career. Students undertake thesis research and writing for various reasons—to see if they want to pursue research opportunities post-graduation, because they are excited about studying a question that has never been answered, or simply because it is a requirement for a joint concentration! Regardless of the motivation, you should carefully consider your commitment to conducting research and writing during your senior year (and likely the preceding summer as well).

The EPS Senior Thesis Handbook (a guide for students and faculty):

This senior thesis handbook provides important information about the senior thesis process for EPS concentrators and faculty advisors. It includes:

  • Information about expectations for faculty and thesis students
  • FAQs for both faculty and thesis students, which could come in handy for troubleshooting during the thesis process
  • Information on the role of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC), the Preceptors, and the Head Tutors
  • A detailed explanation of thesis procedures, ranging from info such as tips for students on finding an advisor and project to grading guideline info for faculty advisors
  • A detailed timeline for the thesis process (note that students writing a thesis in EPS are required to register for EPS 99A and/or EPS 99B and to participate in mid-year and final presentations)
  • General information on how the department supports students undertaking the thesis

Senior Thesis Forms:

Please note that all thesis-related forms can be found on the Undergraduate Forms page. These include:

  • EPS 99 Senior Thesis Registration Form
  • EPS 99 Senior Thesis Description Form
  • EPS 99 Senior Thesis Timeline Worksheet
  • EPS 99 Senior Thesis Mid-Year Progress Report Form

Advice from past thesis writers:

See the posters below.

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