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5 ways Chrissy Teigen tickles our ribs in 'Cravings: Hungry for More'


We know that Chrissy Teigen is funny. And she can cook. But how many cookbook authors can stir up both a Twitter sensation and our appetites by putting out a plea for brown bananas with a promise of a signed cookbook and a pair of husband John Legend's underwear?

The famous (or infamous) Banana Bread recipe (along with plenty of laughs) can be found in Teigen's new cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry for More" (Clarkson Potter), the follow-up to her 2016 USA TODAY No. 1 best-seller "Cravings."

Seriously, when was the last time a cookbook made you laugh out loud?

Here are five passages in Teigen's new book that made us chuckle and left us craving more.


On her recipe-testing experiment on Twitter

“Yes. This is THE banana bread. The bread that launched a million tweets and a hundred thousand Instagram tags, and had people all along the California coast offering to trade their brownest bananas for a makeup palette, a pair of John’s used underwear (it was clean; I’m not an animal), and the chance to meet my trusty assistant/mom, @PepperThai2.” 

You can find that recipe here.


On writing new recipes post-baby

“I had dreams of finding out what the hell is in the seasoning for Cool Ranch Doritos, but even if I did find it, I can’t do that to you. Forcing you to make Cool Ranch dust for this downhome, family-staple taco salad would be very Book 1. Book 2, post-Luna Chrissy says to buy the bag and crush them up. Who knows what laziness Book 3 Chrissy will come up with at this baby-making rate.”

On having a glam-squad

“I hate saying it, but I have a glam squad. (It is literally my job to have a glam squad.) If you have seen me out and I am not wearing my hair in a top-knot, it means I have been sitting in a chair for 2½ hours getting head-to-toe makeup (yes, toe, seriously) and my extension-filled locks have been blown and braided to perfection. What does this have to do with onion dip, you ask?”

On her life-long relationship with Subway

“I think I’ve lived within a mile of a Subway sandwich shop my entire life, so basically I have consumed approximately 8.1 million meatballs, which makes me just 0.9 meatballs away from being an expert meatball connoisseur. And now you have learned I am one of the few complete psychopaths out there who actually gets the meatball sub at Subway.”

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On her love of American cheese

“The most patriotic I get is my love for American cheese. I actually just googled ‘what is cheese’ to see if American even fits the criteria for actual, authentic cheese and basically the only rule is that it must be derived from milk. That is literally the only rule. So to anyone that wants to question my love of American cheese, you can suck it! Don’t challenge my patriotism."