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Boost engagement with
rich analytics, A/B testing,
and messaging campaigns


Optimize your app experience and keep users happy

Understand your users to better support and retain them
Run experiments to test ideas and uncover new insights
Customize your app for different user segments

Our Engage products

Control and change your app to optimize the user experience, without releasing a new version.

Monitor app usage and gain insight into who your users are, and what actions they're taking inside your app.

Apply the power of machine learning to predict future user behavior.

Run experiments to test ideas and learn how they impact key metrics.

Gain user-level insights across devices with easy sign-in and authentication.

Send targeted, automated, and customized push notifications across platforms to re-engage users for free.

Understand how stability is impacting key business metrics like revenue and engagement.

Organically grow your app by deep linking users to the right place so they can find and share content.

Encourage active users to complete key in-app actions with targeted and contextual messages.