Adapting Adapting to a changing world

The EDF Corporate Foundation is one of the biggest corporate foundations in the French sponsorship sector, with 150 projects per year, a budget of 40 millions euros (for the period 2016–2019) and nearly 30 years of activity behind it. The foundation’s philosophy? That all of us should come together to build a fairer, more human world.

The EDF Foundation has been supporting social and community projects since 1987, with the aim of shaking things up in our society – a society currently facing major challenges, particularly with regard to social cohesion, and the building of a better world. In the face of such major changes, EDF has undertaken a reflection on the future of its foundation at the very heart of the company’s preoccupations and values: respect, solidarity and responsibility.

Corporate Foundation EDF

On 1st January 2016, the EDF corporate foundation expanded to include the foundations of the EDF subsidiaries, Dalkia, EDF Energies Nouvelles and Enedis. At the meeting of the board of directors on 7th July 2015, it was decided to make “solidarity” and “progress” the priorities of the foundation’s work. The Espace EDF Foundation cultural center aims to reflect this ambition through the programming of exhibitions and events. The mobilization of the entire company alongside project initiators is another key axis of the EDF Foundation’s approach to sponsorship.

In adopting this new strategy, the EDF Foundation ensures a consistent approach to sponsorship across the company’s several subsidiaries, and acts in concert with key stakeholders in civil society to pursue initiatives that are very much in the wider civic and benevolent interest. It is therefore vital to us that we measure the impact of these initiatives, which is why the Foundation has recently introduced a project evaluation process. More than ever, the EDF Foundation places transparency and ethics at the heart of its actions.


- supporting projects to fight professional and economic insecurity, exclusion and all forms of discrimination ; and to support the social integration of young people, and access to education and culture.
- supporting professional integration through the EDF Act On Employment Fund, helping to create and secure jobs.
- Thanks to the mobilization of EDF employees, providing humanitarian aid in emergency situations, and supporting international development by promoting access to electricity and necessities (water, health, education, safety, etc.).


- promoting access to education and knowledge to develop understanding of technologies, and to teach active citizenship, as well as fostering a taste for science and innovation in young people.
- supporting medical research, to help to improve life quality and expectancy thanks to technological and therapeutic advances.
- promoting digital progress in a spirit of e-inclusion, in order to renew social cohesion.

Organization :

the EDF Foundation’s board of directors, chaired by Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of EDF, meets twice a year to decide the major axes of its sponsorship initiatives. In addition to EDF, there are three subsidiaries, Enedis, Dalkia and EDF Energies Nouvelles, whose CEOs sit on the board of directors alongside union and EDF representatives, and seven figures from civil society chosen for their expertise.

Experts from civil society :

with regard to its new by-laws, the EDF Foundation has invited outside experts onto its board of directors in order to nourish discussion regarding the key initiatives surrounding solidarity and progress. These experts include: Emmanuelle Assmann, President of the French Paralympic Committee; Gilles Babinet, France’s Digital Champion to the European Commission; Soumia Belaidi Malinbaum, Honorary President of the French Association of Diversity Managers; Françoise Jeanson, former President of Doctors of the World; Pierre-Emmanuel Lecerf, Legal and Finance Director of the National Centre for Cinema; Cécile Monteil, doctor and specialist in connected health; Christian Vanizette, co-founder of MakeSence.

Committed employees and programs that support charities and associations

Fondation EDF

For many years, EDF employees have mobilized to support humanitarian and scientific aid programs through their skills and activities on behalf of the EDF Foundation. “The Call for Employee Projects” aims to finance charitable projects initiated by EDF employees. And the Charity Trophies award a total of 400 000 euros to charities working on youth projects.

A cultural space open to all : since 1990, the Espace Fondation EDF, situated right in the centre of Paris, has been holding free exhibitions that reflect the changes in our society and explore tomorrow’s issues. A centre for culture, dialogue and exchange, it is also a space for innovation, and collaborative and participative work.


We have adopted three guiding principles:
- to support projects and not structures (the Foundation is not intended to finance the operating costs of any structure);
- to maximize leverage: projects are oriented towards the public interest, their lasting effects are privileged and the financial support requested should be reasonable);
- a limited duration: support for one year only, save for some exceptions, to allow more projects to be supported.

The Foundation operates only in the field of public interest.
Each project supported by the Foundation is followed by an employee of the group - a sponsor - to strengthen the bond between the Foundation and the project leader.

Grant Opportunities

Organizations that are eligible to propose projects are NGOs or public institutions based in France. Projet must be submited online ans the formulary must be written in French.