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  Please direct your inquiry to the most appropriate Freedom House office and staff member. We will try to respond to all e-mail submissions

  Washington D.C. Office
1319 18th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
phone: 202-296-5101
fax: 202-296-5078

Joseph Assad, Middle East Research Director, Center for Religious Freedom
Laura Barrett, Assistant to the Director, Center for Religious Freedom
Dan Batlle, Program Officer, Cuban Democracy Project
Andrew Colburn, Program Officer, Visiting Fellows
Lisa Davis, Director, RIGHTS Program
Yael Fuchs, Program Officer, RIGHTS Program
Jennifer Koliba, Director of Grants
Therese Lyons, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Maureen Magee, Program Officer, Visiting Fellows
Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow, Coordinator for Survey of Religious Freedom
Jonathan Matis, Accounting Manager
Kelly Meyer, Officer Manger
Bob Ponichtera, Senior Program Officer, Rights Program, Cuba Program
Paula Schriefer, Director of Exchange Programs
Nina Shea, Director, Center for Religious Freedom
Jennifer Whatley, Senior Program Officer, Exchange Programs
Jennifer Windsor, Executive Director,

New York Office
120 Wall Street, Floor 26,
New York, NY 10005
phone: 212-514-8040
fax: 212-514-8055

Michael Goldfarb, Press Officer
Kristen Guida, Senior Researcher; Research Coordinator, Press Freedom Survey
Adrian Karatnycky, President
Orysia Lutsevych, Administrative Assistant
Aili Piano, Senior Researcher; Research Coordinator, Freedom in the World
Arch Puddington, Vice President of Research
Amanda Schnetzer, Senior Researcher; Research Coordinator, Nations in Transit
Leonard Sussman, Senior Scholar; Coordinator, Press Freedom Survey
Kendra Zaharescu, Assistant to the President

Bucharest Office
Ccalea Victoriei no. 155
Bl. D1., Sc. 2 Fl. 10, sector 1,
Bucharest, Romania
phone: 011-40-1-313-8111
phone/fax: 011-40-1-313-8112

Cristina Guseth, Director, Romania Democratization Programs
Mihaela Paraschiv, Program Officer
Ileana Ranetti, Part-time Accountant

Budapest Office
Menesi ut.18
1118 Budapest, Hungary
phone/fax: 36-1-385-0985
phone/fax: 36-1-385-3108
phone/fax: 36-1-466-9879

Lesley Carlson, Program Officer, NGO Regional Exchange Program
Molly Herlihy, Program Officer, Regional Project Grant Program
Roland Kovats, Information Officer, NGO Regional Networking Project
Sanja Pesek, Assistant Program Officer, Serbia Grant Program
Joanna Rohozinska, Editor, NGONews
Viktoria Villanyi, Finance Officer
Peter Wiebler, Director, NGO Regional Networking Project

Kiev Office
12\10 Kyiv, Ukraine 01034
phone/fax: (+380 44) 238-6868

Andrii Deshchytsia, Senior Program Officer, PAUCI Program
Sveta Franchuk, Program Officer, PRU Program
Tanya Khymz, Program Officer, PRU Program
John Kubiniec, Director, PRU Program
Syatoslav Pavlyuk, Program Officer, PAUCI Program
Oleg Pluhatarenko, Grant Manager, PAUCI Program
Yulia Stefanyshyna, Grants Analyst, PAUCI Program
Marta Vasiltsev, Program Assistant, PRU Program
Iryna Zayachuk, Administrative Assistant, PAUCI Program

Sarajevo Office
Ibrahima Ljubovica 23//1
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo phone/fax: 011-387-33-408-174
Belgrade phone/fax: 381-113245881

Lena Bratic, Program Assistant
Mike Staresinic, Balkan Representative

Warsaw Office
Al. Jerozolimskie 30, II p. 00-024
Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 828-9457
fax: (48-22) 828-4422

Piotr Bajda, Program Officer, PAUCI Program
Miroslaw Ssycz, Senior Program Officer, PAUCI Program



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