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  is the ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn about what's new in Chrome!

Found a bug? 👷‍♀️

Thanks for letting us know! Please file an issue and a team member should reply shortly.

Authoring content ✍️

Before you start writing take a moment to look over the handbook and familiarize yourself with the process.

Building the site 🏗

You'll need a recent version of Node: v14 (LTS) or higher. To check your node version run node -v in your terminal.

If you don't have node, or if you need to upgrade, we recommend using the Node Version Manager (nvm).

Clone the repo

⚠️ If you'd like to contribute (and you're not a member of the core team), be sure to fork the repo first, and clone the fork.

git clone

Install dependencies

npm ci

Set up build flags

Building the entire site can take a while because it's over a thousand pages. If you want to massively speed up your build times, we suggest setting some build flags to ignore certain sections.

  • Create a .env file at the root of your project
  • Optionally add the following:
# Ignore ALL /docs/

# Only ignore /docs/native-client/

# Only ignore /docs/extensions/

Start a local server to preview the site

npm run dev

Open http://localhost:8080/ to see the site locally. Changes to assets will rebuild the site. Refresh to see your changes.

Environments 🌳

To do a production build of the site and start the local server run npm run production && npm start.

Staging 🕺

When you send in a pull request it will be automatically staged for you. Keep an eye out for the netlify bot to comment on the pull request with your unique URL.

(Googlers only) If you would like to stage your local changes to a unique URL, run the command npm run stage:personal. This can be useful if you're not ready to create a pull request yet, or if you need to stage something private.

☝️ You will need to be a member of our GCP project for this command to work.

Deploying the site 🚀

Automatic deploys

The site will build and deploy the main branch automatically every hour, Mon–Fri. If you've just merged an article then it should go live at the top of the next hour.