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Game Off

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Game Off

November 01, 2021 - December 01, 2021 • Online

Game Off is an annual game jam, where participants spend the month of November creating games based on a secret theme. Participate individually, or as a team. Use whatever game engines, libraries, and languages you like.
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Manage flaky unit tests with the unit testing framework you already use.


  • Checkbox to instantly disable any unhealthy unit test across all branches
  • GitHub flaky test warnings on pull requests
  • Slack alerting to team channel who's test are flapping
  • Metrics and charting to aid you in fixing the biggest disruptions first


  • CI/CD (CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, etc.)

Flaptastic is designed for organizations with many codebases and teams.


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Trending repository

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ZenHub is the only project management tool that integrates natively within GitHub’s user interface. No lengthy onboarding. No configuration headaches. No separate logins. Developers stay in an environment they love and Project Managers get total visibility into the development process.

Dev teams at companies like NASA, Microsoft, Adobe, Comcast, Docker, VMware, and Leap Motion trust ZenHub's powerful browser extension to help them ship better software.