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Blazing fast cloud
developer environments

Visual Studio Code backed by high performance VMs that start in seconds.

CPUs up to

32 cores

Memory up to

64 GB

The full power of Visual Studio Code

Use the full power of Visual Studio Code, including the editor, terminal, debugger, GitHub Copilot, version control, settings sync, and the entire ecosystem of extensions. Work in the browser or hand off to your desktop.

Codespaces works in Visual Studio Code, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Faster than your laptop

Spin up new dev environment for any sized project in seconds with prebuilt images. GitHub’s own 35GB dev image starts in under 10 seconds. Scale your cloud VMs up to 32 cores and 64GB of RAM. And with low-latency connections across four regions, you won’t even remember it’s not your local machine.

CPUs up to

32 cores

Memory up to

64 GB

Spin up

<10 sec

Standardized dev environments

Join a new team and just start coding. Standardize environments, runtime requirements, hardware specs, extensions and editor settings in .devcontainer.json configuration files. Isolate dependencies between projects with containers and docker-compose.

Browser preview and port forwarding

Preview your changes in the browser with instant reloads (websocket and HMR support) and share private and public ports with your teammates.

Tabs, spaces, Monokai, Solarized, light, dark, Prettier, Beautify…

Every nerdy detail only you care about, configured just right, backed by your own dotfiles repository.


Rich support for Python.


Adds language support for C/C++


provides basic notebook support for language kernels

ES Lint

Integrates ESLint JavaScript into VS Code


An opinionated code formatter for consistent style

Live Server

Live reload feature for static & dynamic pages

Material Icon Theme

Material Design Icons for Visual Studio Code


C# editing support for Visual Studio Code


Vue tooling for VS Code

GitHub Copilot

AI pair programmer trained on billions of lines of code


Supercharge the Git capabilities built into VS Code

Debugger for Java

A lightweight Java debugger for Visual Studio Code


Create, manage, and debug containerized applications

Unreal—Codespaces had me running a server in minutes, and that never happens as a new hire. What an awesome first week!
Chris Westra Senior Software Engineer
Day 2 of Codespaces: Shipped a pull request and started working on another one without waiting for script/bootstrap.
Yumin Wong Staff Software Engineer

Pay as you go

Codespaces Compute

Isolated VMs billed per second
Cores RAM Price
2 core 4GB $.18 per hour
4 core 8GB $.36 per hour
8 core 16GB $.72 per hour
16 core 32GB $1.44 per hour
32 core 64GB $2.88 per hour

Codespaces storage

charged when inactive
$0.07 per gigabyte per month
Available today for GitHub Teams and GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers Get started
Try Codespaces today in free trial until September 10, 2021

asked questions

How do I get access to Codespaces?

Codespaces is rolling out progressively on August 11th, 2021 and can be enabled in settings by organization owners for Team and Enterprise Cloud plans. For users in individual plans, we’re extending the existing Codespaces beta. For those in the beta, access will remain and we’ll share updates on what’s coming in the near future.

Does GitHub use Codespaces?

GitHub uses Codespaces to build An explainer of how GitHub uses Codespaces is available on our blog.

How much does Codespaces cost for organizations?

Full details on pricing are available in our documentation. Billing begins for Codespaces after September 10th, 2021 PST. Prior to this date, organizations with Team or Enterprise Cloud accounts can trial Codespaces without charges. Codespaces is in beta preview for U.S. government customers; please contact your sales rep for more information.

What is

Press . on any repo to make quick edits powered by Visual Studio Code.

When can I use Codespaces on my personal repos?

We’ll share more information about how individuals will be able to use Codespaces in the future. Individuals in the existing beta will continue to have access to Codespaces and will not be charged.

Can I run a Codespace locally?

While Codespaces run in global data centers to reduce latency, you can run a cloud instance of any repository configured with a devcontainer locally using VS Code Remote Containers.