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Secure at every step

Ship secure applications within the GitHub flow: Stay ahead of security issues, leverage the security community’s expertise, and use open source securely.

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Get security feedback with every git push

Scan code as it’s created. Get accurate, actionable security reviews within the developer workflow.

See security issues in your pull requests as part of your code review process. Prevent new vulnerabilities from making it onto main.

Find high-priority, exploitable security issues in your code. View your exposure across your codebases and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter.

Create custom queries to easily find and prevent variants of new security concerns. Use them alongside the 2,000+ CodeQL queries from GitHub and the community. Integrate third party scanning engines to view results from all your security tools in a single interface. Export results through a single API.

Secure your code

Respond quickly to vulnerabilities in your supply chain

Understand your supply chain and how dependencies impact the security of your code.

Easily see what dependencies have changed in a pull request and stay secure.

Automatically monitor your dependencies for known vulnerabilities, and apply suggested fixes with automated pull requests.

Secure your supply chain

Keep secrets out of your code

GitHub watches your repositories and notifies you of secrets issued by 45+ leading secret providers.

Build on a secure foundation

Our team goes beyond industry standards to secure GitHub. And delivers features that help you do the same. Configure role-based access, auditing, and permissions to turn security best practices into better development processes.

Secure software from the start

Whether you’re contributing to an open source project or choosing new tools for your team, your security needs are covered.