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Markdown Cheat Sheet

Format Text


# This is an <h1> tag
## This is an <h2> tag
###### This is an <h6> tag

Text styles

*This text will be italic*
_This will also be italic_
**This text will be bold**
__This will also be bold__

*You **can** combine them*



* Item 1
* Item 2
  * Item 2a
  * Item 2b


1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3
   * Item 3a
   * Item 3b



![GitHub Logo](/images/logo.png)
Format: ![Alt Text](url)

Links - automatic!


As Kanye West said:

> We're living the future so
> the present is our past.

Code Examples in Markdown

Syntax highlighting with GFM

function fancyAlert(arg) {
  if(arg) {

Or, indent your code 4 spaces

Here is a Python code example
without syntax highlighting:

    def foo:
      if not bar:
        return true

Inline code for comments

I think you should use an
`<addr>` element here instead.
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