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Advertiser Playbook

To face today’s advertising challenges, brands must have a holistic understanding of the media landscape and consumer behavior.

Black couple streams content


Meeting Black audience demand for representation that matters

A deeper understanding of the Black community in the U.S. is critical.


Media is complex: Three pillars can simplify measurement for marketers

With new complexity in media, brands should focus on three key measurement pillars.

Family watching TV on couch


The Gauge: Fall TV and football fuel September broadcast viewing

In the U.S., fall TV and football combined to drive big viewership during September.

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COVID-19: Tracking the impact

The pandemic continues to shape the global economy, and we expect to feel its ripple effects for many years to come.

Flight attendants wear masks on a plane


Navigating the path toward successful in-house analytics

Many brands are thinking of bringing marketing analytics in-house. But execution is key.

HBCU Tuskegee game crowd


Brands are celebrating HBCUs, and content creators want in too

U.S. brands are demonstrating commitment to Black consumers by collaborating with HBCUs.