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Data Use Acknowledgement
Welcome to the GONG Data Archive.
Use this page to access most GONG data products from 1995* to present.
* Note that observations from before February-July 2001 (depending
on the site) were made with lower-resolution 256x256 pixel cameras.

Data Access Steps :

Step 1 : Choose Product Set
Select one of the links below to proceed to step 2 :

NOTE: - For Magnetic Field analysis and Magnetic Field Models, your preferred choice should
be Zeropoint Corrected Products! For more information, please READ

Angle Corrected Products: Magnetogram, Velocity & Intensity     Global Helioseismology     Local Helioseismology     Magnetic Field Maps    
QuickReduce Near Real Time Products: Magnetogram & Intensity    Farside Images     Zero Point Corrected Magnetic Field Products   
H-Alpha                                                       Non Zeropoint Corrected Magnetic Field Products   

Data Use Acknowledgement :

The National Solar Observatory data use acknowledgements, including for GONG data, are maintained here. Users may have to scroll down to see the appropriate acknowledgement.

Contact for assistance in citing the correct data use acknowledgement.