Google Acquires Deja's Usenet Discussion Service. Read our press release.

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Google Acquires Deja's Usenet Archive
~ Google Releases Beta Service in Transition ~

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Google Inc. has acquired significant assets from, including its archive of more than 500 million messages--a terabyte of human conversation dating back to 1995.

Since reaching agreement with Deja, Google has been working non-stop to restore access to these messages, which form the largest archive of newsgroups on the net. While developing a more fully-featured service, Google has released a beta version that allows high speed, high quality access to newsgroup postings already archived by Google since August 2000.

For more information about the transition from Deja to Google, please read Google's press release.

Note to Deja users:

The current beta service available on this site lacks browsing, posting and many other important features. We are working hard to provide these. Due to the logistical and financial constraints of the Deja service, there was no viable way to keep the service going. Now that the Usenet data has been safely archived, we are focusing our efforts on implementing these important features. Please bear with us during this transition.

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