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Research links earning a GuideStar Seal of Transparency to a 53% increase in contributions for nonprofits.

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Bronze Seal

Make sure donors find you

~5-minute update

  • Organization mission and contact details
  • Donation information
  • Leadership information



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Guide funding decisions

~10 minute update

  • Program(s) information
  • Brand details (website, social media, logo)
  • Plus Bronze info



Gold Seal

Gain trust and support

~15-minute update

  • Audited financial report or basic financial information
  • Board Chair name and leadership demographics
  • Plus Silver info



Platinum Seal

Highlight your impact and boost funding

~15 minute update

  • Strategic plan or strategy and goal highlights
  • At least one metric demonstrating your progress and results
  • Plus Gold info

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What people are saying

GuideStar profiles help the sector take a leap forward from data and information about charities to powerful knowledge and insight to help us make informed decisions.

—Victoria Vrana
Senior Program Officer, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

My experience being a board member at Village Enterprise, where we have a Platinum Seal on GuideStar, is that it’s made fundraising easier. The Platinum Seal helps us stand out since there are so many nonprofits for donors to choose from.

—Jamie Austin
Board Member, Village Enterprise Fund

Our GuideStar profile probably saves us 40 hours a week. We’re constantly asked for our financials, details about our mission, and reviews. Sending people to our Nonprofit Profile frees us up to focus on our mission.

—Janet Wenholz
Grant Writer, Operation Freedom Paws

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