Part of our core mission is to advance policies that promote the progress of free software. Copyright handling has been a topic of concern lately, so we are taking this opportunity to delve into the issue, and alternatives:

We're excited to announce JShelter as the next step in our campaign. JShelter is a browser extension that helps curtail and limit the harmful effects of nonfree JS on the web.

The right to repair is crucial for a free future, this is illustrated in our animated video "Fight to Repair." Join our campaign and inform others on the state of in your country.

Did you know this 2022 will be the fourteenth edition? Time flies, but the fight for freedom is forever. Submit your session to the 2022 conference at

Our Email Self-Defense guide, which teaches you how to encrypt your email with GnuPG, is back and better than ever! Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with :

Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Jai Thomas Crooks Flack and Corwin Edward Brust for assigning their copyright to the FSF!

Our "Respects Your Freedom" (RYF) certification program helps you find hardware that doesn't violate your right to control the devices you own. Learn more, and shop and support companies that support your freedom:

If you're looking for help with the process or want to refine your proposal idea, we have CFS brainstorming sessions on Thursdays at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Join us in chat at on IRC (

Are you a free software developer and working on an interesting project? Turn your camera on and hold a live programming session, or present your idea or process to the community at

Encryption helps protect the privacy of people you communicate with, and makes life difficult for bulk surveillance systems. Learn how with our Email Self Defense guide:

Are you bilingual and would you like to see the FSFs free software resources in more languages? Email and join the translations team. It's the most effective way to bring free software to the world.

We're excited to announce JShelter as the next step in our campaign. JShelter is a browser extension that helps curtail and limit the harmful effects of nonfree JS on the web.

Protect developer freedom. Abolish software patents. Learn why software patents are unjust by checking out the new design of our initiative.

The Free Software Award nominations are now open! Be sure to nominate those who inspire you to live liberation by November 30th.

EmacsConf will be held November 27 - 28 and the schedule is now Live. Check out inspiring talks from contributors, users, and other people enjoying the magic of

Trisquel security update alert! In this post you'll also find some major release ISO images available for testing

Need help submitting a session? Our weekly office hour starts at 14:00 EDT (17:00 UTC) in the channel of the network! Come to us with your ideas, and we'll help however we can.

Emacs is so much more than a text editor -- it's an entire workflow environment, loved by free software supporters around the world. Get the new GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs 27.2, at the GNU Press Shop:

We're expanding this year's LibrePlanet community committee, feel like reviewing submissions, help with the organization, or can you help us develop the virtual LibreAdventure space? Email and be part of the LibrePlanet team!

Did you know FSF has been publishing a biannual magazine called the Free Software for years, have a look at the archives to read years of free software articles by FSF staff and community members!

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