On the Picket Line at Hunts Point

We should all cheer on strikes like the recently ended Hunts Point Teamsters walk off in the Bronx. But there’s no substitute for socialists actually showing up on the picket lines to provide tangible material support and engage with striking workers.

Why Memes Will Never Be Monetized

Attempts by companies like McDonald’s to use memes for marketing have flopped, with ad men unable to reproduce memes’ inherent reliance on collective creativity. Memes don’t fit with the logic of private appropriation — and social media sites looking for ad revenue are giving them ever less space.


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Failure Is an Option

A reporter for Jacobin traveled to the Kurdish province of Dersim to investigate the recent discovery of a mass grave from a 1937 massacre. But far from being forgotten, it’s an atrocity that still haunts the region today, with millions of Kurds in Turkey struggling for freedom against Erdoğan’s latest crackdown.

Why Cable News Hates Medicare for All

From last year’s Democratic primaries to this year’s Biden agenda, TV news coverage of the health care debate is outrageously skewed against single-payer reform. To understand why, we need look no further than their business model.

Burma’s Coup Shows How Little Power the Military Ever Gave Up

The military coup against Aung San Suu Kyi marks the end of Burma’s ten-year experiment with democracy. Her government spoke of national reconciliation while denying the military’s atrocities and doing nothing to stop its war on ethnic minorities — an explicit refusal to “take sides” which ensured the armed forces would continue to dominate the country’s politics.

How Anton Pannekoek Planned to Storm the Heavens

Before Anton Pannekoek, astronomers sought only to interpret the cosmos — his goal was to change it. The renowned Dutch scientist who gave his name to an asteroid and a moon crater was also a Marxist revolutionary who debated with figures like Lenin about the road to power.