The easy to use and powerful CRM for WordPress.

Jetpack CRM has all of the tools you need to grow your business. It’s also modular, so you can customize it to suit your needs.

Modern. Lean. Built for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

“The good news is I can write you a testimonial stating that since I made the switch to you guys we have generated over $2,500 in sales.”

Curt – Canada

90% of entrepreneurs using Jetpack CRM would recommend it.

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How Jetpack CRM works

Install it on WordPress

The internet runs on WordPress. We’ve built this specifically as a WordPress CRM to work on the platform most of us are already using – and it’s easy to get started.

Explore the Core

The Jetpack CRM core has all the basic features small business users need. It’s our gift to you. We’re entrepreneurs too, and we want to give back.

Get Power-ups

Extensions are add-ons which add features to your CRM. Understated, modular, and powerful, each Extension adds real business-value. Entrepreneur’s Nirvana.

You know your business

With Jetpack CRM, you pick and choose the features you really need to grow:

Free or Extended?

Get started with our WordPress CRM for free, or pick up a bundle to get extra features. Scroll on to read our user feedback and frequently asked questions.


Start nurturing your contacts for free



  • Core CRM
  • Contact & Company management
  • Invoicing
  • Transactions
  • Integrations & API access
  • Forum support


Invoicing Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal & Woo Sync


per month, billed yearly

  • Everything in free plus..
  • Priority Support
  • Single Site License
  • Access to slack community
  • 12 months support & updates


All CRM extensions


per month, billed yearly

  • Everything in free plus..
  • All CRM extensions
  • Priority Support
  • Single Site License
  • Access to slack community
  • 12 months support & updates

14 day Money back guarantee on all purchases.

Our early-adopters are loving Jetpack CRM:


Bleeding edge start-up or quietly adding value? Don’t be a Wantrepreneur. Use properly built tools.

+ Many IntegrationsConvertKitStripe

WooCommerce Seller

Selling customised coffee cups or digital pin-ups? Jetpack CRM plays well with WooCommerce!

WooCommerce Connect & Sales Dash for epic analytics.


Donations keep you going, there’s nothing more important than managing your customer relations!

Keep track with Sales Dashboard.

About Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM is the ultimate WordPress CRM plugin, crafted by two veteran entrepreneurs. Now acquired by Automattic.

Mike Stott & Woody Hayday have distilled decades of web-business experience into one highly-effective WordPress CRM platform. Giving back to the WordPress and entrepreneurial community, they’ve made the Core CRM free, and are proudly working to deliver tools that add real business value to entrepeneurs who know the difference, via Jetpack CRM extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why host your own CRM in WordPress?

Data-privacy, control, extendibility. You’re probably already paying for hosting too, so you’ll save there. SaaS has its place, but there’s so much value in hosting your own.

How do I get my existing customers into the CRM?

The free core has a basic CSV Importer which works well. You can also use our extensions: CSV Importer, or one of the Sync’s (PayPal Sync, Woo Sync, or Stripe Sync) – these automatically pull in all of your customer data (including transactions) and then keeps it up to date for you!

Do you have a B2B (companies) mode?

Yep, that’s an option in the settings.
Enabling Business-to-Business mode adds a “Companies” layer, which lets you have contacts under a company.

How long are you going to support this for?

We use this CRM ourselves every day. We’re here for the long term. (And we’re constantly improving it!)