Connecting Europe Facility


In the framework of its CEF Transport programme, the European Union provides financial support to projects falling within the scope of objectives set in the guidelines for the development of the TEN-T and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)


Submitting an application


To be able to receive European financial aid, candidates should respond to the calls for projects launched by the European Commission. All information on these calls for projects is available on the website of the INEA agency.  An application file for subsidies may be submitted to the Commission by:


  • one or more Member States;
  • international organisations;
  • joint ventures;
  • companies or public or private bodies.


It is imperative that applications for subsidies be validated by the Member States concerned.


In Belgium, according to the project type, applications for subsidies should be validated either by the FPS Mobility and Transport (named hereafter "FPS MT") or by the Regions.


The FPS MT is responsible for validating applications for subsidies for:


  • Railway projects including projects in the area of ERTMS;
  • Projects in the area of ATM (Air Traffic Management) and SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research);
  • Projects on the themes of "Innovation", "Safe and secure infrastructure", "Intelligent Transport Services" (ITS), when these projects have a national nature;
  • Maritime projects falling within federal competency.


Completed files should be sent to the FPS MT twenty working days prior to the deadline of the call for projects set by the Commission, to the following email address: EUfunding@mobilit.fgov.be


Questions on validation of application files by the FPS MT or any other question on calls for projects can also be sent to this address.


Prior to any validation, the FPS MT will assess the compliance of application files with the priorities and criteria set out in the Commission's calls for projects.


Furthermore, for railway projects financed by the Federal State, the FPS MT reserves the right to assess the content of applications, whether for further details or to redefine them.


The regional administrations are competent for all other requests for financing. These application files should be addressed to the Region where the project will be carried out.


Contact person in the Flemish Region:
Olivier Vandersnickt, TEN-T coordinator for the Flemish Region

Contact person in the Wallonian Region :
Pascal Moens, Direction générale opérationnelle de LA MOBILITÉ ET DES VOIES HYDRAULIQUES


Contact person in the Brussels Region:
Eric Aerden