Current issue: February 2011

Arab world in turmoil: Egypt says ‘Enough!’; Tunisia, revolution and after; Algeria, no more poverty; Sudan, the South secedes; Ivory Coast, perilous standoff; DRC, power for Africa; Europe, rise of the far right; women speak in surprising places; Super Bowl warriers; France’s plat du jour…and more…

Must read

Freedom makes you giddy

by Alain Gresh

Part way through a revolution, only one thing seemed certain in Egypt: there is no longer an Arab exception to the worldwide desire for dignity, human rights, and possibly democracyHosni Mubarak’s decision to replace his cabinet and appoint a vice-president (Omar Suleiman, 74, head of army intelligence), something he had refused to do since he became president in 1981, had no effect on the (...)

Dams that could power Africa  *

by Tristan Coloma

France’s intangible cuisine  *

by Sébastien Lapaque

Egypt catches Tunisia’s fire  *

by Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui
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