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Oscar Night About Surprises, History-Making - MTV 03-25-2002
  Black & Right  - Singapore Strait Times
Will Smith's Oscar night cut short by daughter's ear infection, fever  - National Post
'Beautiful Mind' Wins; Best Actress Goes to Halle Berry  - NY Times
CORRECTED: Berry, Washington Make Oscar History  - Reuters
Talks critical for Mideast truce - CNN 03-25-2002
  White House Prods Israel to Let Arafat Go to Summit  - Yahoo! Headlines
Ministers Address Summit Topics  - CBS
Israelis, Palestinians mull over ceasefire deal amid violence  - Singapore Strait Times
Palestinian and Israeli leaders considering U.S. truce proposals  -
AOL Time Warner set to vapourize $54 billion US in intangibles this quarter - 03-25-2002
  AOL sets $54B charge  - CNN
AOL to take $54 billion charge  - MSNBC
Appeals court upholds ruling silencing Napster - Nando Times 03-25-2002
  Appeals court tells Napster to remain offline  - San Francisco Chronicle
Dead Napster Gets Deader  - Wired
Court to Napster: Remain Offline  - Washington Post
South Korea envoy to seek revival of friendly moves - NZ Herald 03-25-2002
  South Korean envoy will talk to North about U.S.  - Nando Times
Koreas to Resume Talks  - Washington Post
Same old story for inter-Korean relations  - Bangkok Post
North, South Korea to Talk Again  - Voice of America
Peacekeepers in Afghanistan under threat by possible al-Qaida remnants - 03-25-2002
  Afghan Army Training  - Washington Post
Rumsfeld Says U.S. Will Begin Training Afghan Army Soon  - NY Times
U.S. to Begin Helping Train Afghan National Army  - Reuters
New: Rumsfeld: U.S. troops to help train new Afghan army  - Chicago Tribune
Red Hat exec questioned in antitrust case - CNET 03-25-2002
  Gateway Exec Testifies Against Microsoft  - LA Times
Microsoft grills Red Hat exec. in court  - CNN
MS: Linux Woes Red Hat's Fault  - Wired
Linux executive accuses Microsoft of withholding important technical data  -
Tyson, Lewis reach agreement for Memphis bout - ESPN 03-25-2002
  Lewis/Tyson fight in Memphis says report  - Irish Times
Tyson-Lewis reportedly set for June 8 in Memphis  - Nando Times
Lewis-Tyson date claim  - News Interactive Australia

World NewsTop - World - US - Business - Entertainment - Technology - Sports  

Iraq, U.N. to hold second weapons talk - CNN 03-25-2002
  Annan To Meet With Iraqi Minister  - Guardian, UK
Iraq minister, Annan to meet  - Nando Times
UN to hold second Iraq meeting  - BBC
Death-by-stoning woman freed after a second is sentenced - South China Morning Post 03-25-2002
  Muslim woman spared death by stoning in Nigeria  - Independent, UK
Nigerian Woman Spared Stoning Death  - Guardian, UK
Islamic Court Overturns Nigeria Death Sentence  - Voice of America
Safiya to Hear Verdict On Death Monday  - All Africa
Christian Wolmar: £300m is worth it to get railways heading for the right destination - Independent, UK 03-25-2002
  Channel tunnel link sale set to raise £370m  - Financial Times
Q&A;: What happens now?  - BBC
Byers: £300m grant 'self-financing'  - Guardian, UK
Government backs rescue bid for Railtrack  - Reuters
Gulf oil tankers 'safe' after collision - BBC 03-25-2002
  Oil tankers collide  - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Huge oil tankers collide in the Gulf of Oman; no spill or casualties  -
No oil spilled when tankers collide in Gulf of Oman  - Nando Times
Gov’t rejects Abu call for ceasefire - Manila Bulletin 03-25-2002
  Philippines shuns Abu Sayyaf swap plan  - CNN
New clashes in Philippines spur rumors of rescue try  - SJ Mercury
Peace Mission Visits U.s. Base  - Guardian, UK
Rescue attempt may be near for couple held in Philippines  - Seattle Post Intelligencer

US NewsTop - World - US - Business - Entertainment - Technology - Sports  

Report: Background Checks Of Employees Are Inadequate - Washington Post 03-25-2002
  Black hole in US nuclear security - lawmaker  - Planet Ark
Holes in nuclear plant security?  - MSNBC
Congressman says nation's nuclear power plants susceptible to terrorists  - Boston Globe
U.S.-linked Afghan soldiers arrested for ... - Reuters Alertnet 03-25-2002
  Rivals want U.S. to give up allies  -
Al Qaeda fighters regroup  - Chicago Tribune
US linked Afghan soldiers arrested for attack  - Financial Times
Pakistan said still to aid Al Qaeda  - Boston Globe
Report: 'Crown jewels' of U.S. parks endangered - CNN 03-25-2002
  List Of Most Endangered Parks In US  - Guardian, UK
Healing The Nation's Parks  - CBS
Mojave park called `most endangered'  - San Francisco Chronicle
High court considers death row inmates' right to claim bad legal help - CNN 03-25-2002
  Court Considers Claims Of Bad Help  - Guardian, UK
Top Court Considers Inmates' Rights  - LA Times
High Court refuses victims' right case in school molestation - CNN 03-25-2002
  Justices refuse to examine school sex abuse  - USA Today
Court Refuses Victims' Rights Case  - Guardian, UK
Justices Pass on Victims' Rights Case  - LA Times

Business NewsTop - World - US - Business - Entertainment - Technology - Sports  

Home sales dip in February but remained second-highest monthly level ever - Boston Globe 03-25-2002
  US 'unlikely to fall into double-dip recession'  - Singapore Strait Times
Sales of Existing Homes Slow  - Smart Money
Existing-Home Sales Dip in February  - Washington Post
Home sales stay strong  - USA Today
British mail company Consignia to cut 15,000 jobs - Nando Times 03-25-2002
  British delivery giant to slim down  - USA Today
Strike threat as 15,000 jobs to go at Consignia  - Ananova
Consignia to Cut 15,000 Jobs  - Newsday
15,000 postal jobs go - and thousands more to follow  - Independent, UK
EU to impose steel import tariffs - Singapore Strait Times 03-25-2002
  EU to impose tariff on steel imports  - Irish Times
EU poised to retaliate on steel  - BBC
EU to Slap Duties on Steel in Trade Dispute with U.S.  - Reuters
Justice, IRS seeking Visa records in probe of offshore bank accounts - CNN 03-25-2002
  Tax evasion investigation expands into offshore bank card accounts  - Boston Globe
Visa records sought in tax haven probe  - San Francisco Chronicle
Irs Seeks Offshore Visa Records  - Guardian, UK
KPMG-Andersen S'pore merger could still go through - Singapore Strait Times 03-25-2002
  KPMG, Andersen abandon Australian merger talks  - Boston Globe
KPMG Ends Merger Talks With Andersen Australia  - Quicken
No deal down under Aussie arms of Andersen, KPMG end merger talks  - MSNBC

Entertainment NewsTop - World - US - Business - Entertainment - Technology - Sports  

U2's Bono says he wanted to testify at Peter Buck's air-rage trial in London - National Post 03-25-2002
  Bono Testifies At Peter Buck's Trial  - Billboard
R.E.M.'s Buck gets help from U2's Bono  - Salon
Bono speaks up for R.E.M.'s Buck  - CNN
Bono defends REM guitarist  - BBC
Rapper Happy With Gun Sentence - Skynews UK 03-25-2002
  Rapper jailed  - News Interactive Australia
Rap star jailed for gun charge  - BBC
So Solid singer 'relieved' at 18-month jail sentence  - Ananova
Newsflash - So Solid Crew's Asher D gets 18 months in prison  -
Britney fans turn out for première - BBC 03-25-2002
  Fans boo Britney  - Ananova
Devoted Britney Fans Gather for Premiere  - Reuters
Britney: No 'intense relationship' now - San Francisco Chronicle 03-25-2002
  Britney Spears Downplays Romance  - Austin Statesman
Britney Comes Clean On Break-Up  - Skynews UK
Local cinemas expect little Oscar-related business - Bangkok Post 03-25-2002
  List of winners  - USA Today
Epic tale leads Oscar race  - News Interactive Australia
A complete list of Oscar winners and nominations  - Nando Times
And the Oscar goes to...  - Hindustan Times

Technology NewsTop - World - US - Business - Entertainment - Technology - Sports  

Court rules government must provide key AIDS drug to HIV-positive pregnant women pending appeal - San Francisco Chronicle 03-25-2002
  S Africa Court Orders Distribution of Anti-AIDS Drug  - Voice of America
MedWatch: S. Africa must provide AIDS drug, more news  - MSNBC
Court rules South Africa must keep providing drug to pregnant women  - Nando Times
African Women To Get HIV Drug  - Skynews UK
Network Associates bid 'inadequate,' says McAfee - Infoworld 03-25-2002 Rejects Network Associates Bid  - Reuters
Network Associates Stands By McAfee Bid  - Smart Money
McAfee rejects takeover bid  - CNN
Playboy magazine seeking Women of Enron - Ananova 03-25-2002
  Playboy seeks "Women of Enron"  - Salon
Playboy planning 'Women of Enron' spread  - Nando Times
European Commission welcomes .eu - CNET 03-25-2002
  EU Agrees to Create .Eu Internet Domain  - Reuters
European ministers OK plan for '.eu' Internet suffix  - Nando Times
EU ministers sign off on new ''.eu'' Internet domain name  - Boston Globe
Congress tries again to control online smut - CNN 03-25-2002
  Federal trial opens in challenge of library Internet porn filtering  - Boston Globe
Library Porn Law Battle Heads for Court  - Reuters
Web smut law faces court challenge  - Toronto Globe And Mail
US to battle internet porn  - News24 South Africa

Sports NewsTop - World - US - Business - Entertainment - Technology - Sports  

Zickler out as injury problems plague coaches - Sporting News 03-25-2002
  Pires: It hurts me a lot to miss World Cup  - Ananova
Pires philosophical after injury  - Times of India
Graham Rix dismissed as Portsmouth manager - Sporting News 03-25-2002
  Pompey sack Rix  - News Interactive Australia
Rix departure angers Beasant  - BBC
Redknapp replaces Rix at Portsmouth  - Itv UK
Morton's clash with Clydebank hit by weather  - Ananova
Listless Sampras loses as frustrated Safin advances - ESPN 03-25-2002
  Chilean qualifier pulls stunner on Sampras at Key Biscayne  - Nando Times
RETRANSMITTING to fix writethru designator  - Sporting News
Safin advances at Key Biscayne  - San Francisco Chronicle
Coming back? Avs' Forsberg plans to skate Thursday - ESPN 03-25-2002
  Forsberg to resume skating Thursday  - Toronto Globe And Mail
Avs' Forsberg to skate Thursday; no return date set  - Nando Times
Forsberg to resume skating, no date set for return  - CNN
Manley arrested again after missing court hearing - ESPN 03-25-2002
  Manley misses meeting, jailed again  - San Francisco Chronicle
Ex-NFL star Manley jailed again  - Nando Times

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