Stanley Black & Decker | Nathalie McGloin

Stanley Black & Decker | Nathalie McGloin

A portrait of the world’s only tetraplegic racing driver

Supporting the makers, the dreamers and the fighters, Stanley Black & Decker sponsor Nathalie McGloin in competitive sports car racing. Working with agency Indicia, they wanted to capture Nathalie’s success and inspire others whilst reflecting their brand values.

Nathalie is paralysed from the chest down and competes against able-bodied drivers. The physical and mental toll of her commitment to her sport is considerable, and it was important that we portrayed the authenticity of her life as a disabled sports person.

By capturing different aspects of Nathalie’s life, from track days at Brands Hatch, overseeing and attending Spinal Track events to training at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in Buckinghamshire where she plays wheelchair rugby, we were able to present a powerful and inspirational portrait of what’s achievable following a life changing injury. 

The result is a truly emotive, compelling film that captures the ambition, determination and commitment necessary to succeed. Stanley Black and Decker used the film as part of a social media campaign. It also features on their website along with multiple other driving enthusiast sites such as Drive Tribe.

“Last night I was at a charity event with Nathalie and we showed the video, everyone had a tear in their eyes and when it finished we had a standing ovation! So let the team know that this video is inspiring and changing people’s lives.”
Global Senior Digital Marketing ManagerStanley, Black and Decker