The OpenVerse

Version 0.7-3 (Seventh beta)

The OpenVerse is a visual chat program written in Tcl/Tk. The program connects to any OpenVerse server (server and client code included).

The OpenVerse is similar to other graphical chat systems like The Palace and Microsoft Chat with the main difference being that it is much more OPEN and also runs on a variety of systems including Windows, *nix (Yes Linux too), Macintosh OS/2 you name it! Anything which Tcl/Tk is available for should run OpenVerse just fine!

Seeing is everything, Check out the Screen Shots section
to see how it chatting in The OpenVerse works.

The OpenVerse is very easy to install and run. Follow the directions below for your platform and install the software.

Linux Unix Windows Macintosh
Linux Unix Windows Macintosh

Program created by Cruise cruise@openverse.org

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