P2 vs. Email

Email continues to thrive as a communications medium. However, there are some key differences that make P2 ideal for team communications.

  • When you send an email to several people, you lose control over it. It now lives in many different email inboxes, and everything can happen. At some point somebody will break the thread, or forget about CCing the original participants, or forward it to someone else and generate a completely separate discussion. P2 on the other hand is centralized, so discussions live there, accessible to all the participants.
  • P2 is an archive, so any member can backscroll and catch up with any discussion, even if it took place before they joined the P2. This doesn’t happen with email, where a new person will be missing all the previous discussion and context.
  • There is no spam in P2. You have absolute control over who can publish a post.
  • Threaded comments in P2 are easier to follow than lengthy email chains.
  • Likes, emoji, gifs and more provide emotional connection and engagement that is much harder to convey in email.
  • P2s are very straightforward to write on, but they allow complex text formatting too. It uses the same WordPress back-end technology used by the largest global media companies. Formatting in email is much more challenging.
  • P2 allows you to use blocks with amazing functionality such as voting, polling, surveys or embedded content from popular services such as Youtube, Twitter and podcasts.
  • P2 has notifications on desktop, apps and email. If you only rely on email it’s easier to miss important messages.
  • P2 users can mention a specific person or people, triggering notifications. It’s harder for email to capture attention.

That being said, we believe that the combination of P2 and email can be very powerful, as email is a fantastic communication channel. It’s extremely compatible and accessible, with hundreds of different clients and tooling, and is already part of the day to day of millions of people.

That’s why P2 has email notifications, and allows you to publish and reply to posts directly by email. That way you can incorporate P2 into the way you communicate and enjoy all its benefits.

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