Google Pay and Wallet APIs Acceptable Use Policy
Effective on: May 5, 2022

Developers using the Google Pay APIs and Google Wallet APIs, (collectively, the “APIs”), in apps, on the web, or through other interfaces must follow the requirements listed in this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), in addition to the applicable API terms of service and Google Wallet API Terms of Service. This AUP covers illegal or inappropriate content, services, activities or products prohibited from using these APIs.

Google reserves the right to expand or edit these policies at any time. Google will also exercise its sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of these policies in conjunction with the applicable Terms of Service.

Google also reserves the right to take any corrective action it deems appropriate if it believes or suspects that any partner or transaction violates this AUP or is otherwise illegal or unsuitable, or to disable any transaction or partner account for any reason it deems prudent. Google may also report any illegal activity in accordance with applicable laws.

Prohibited products and services

To use the APIs as a biller or partner, you must comply with our policies on prohibited products and services. These restrictions would apply regardless of whether the prohibited products or services form your entire inventory or only a part of it. Partners who engage or enable any products or services prohibited by applicable local laws are not allowed to use the APIs as billers or partners. A non-exhaustive list of prohibited products and services includes the following:

Google Wallet API Usage for COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Cards

To aid pandemic response, eligible entities may use the Google Wallet API to provide their patients with convenient evidence of vaccination and/or test results (hereafter referred to as “COVID Cards”). Usage of the API for this purpose is subject to the Google Wallet API Terms of Service, all provisions of the Google Wallet API Acceptable Use Policy and the following additional requirements: