How Bush/Obama Create Terrorists

If we were not still meddling in Afghanistan, we wouldn't be giving our enemies access to corpses to piss on, helping recruit more terrorists by giving them actual reasons to hate America.

“Look, we are AGAINST the Taliban, but if this action is repeated, we will all join the Taliban, and then these [US] forces will not be able to stay one more minute in Afghanistan.

Next time some ridiculous neocon claims Muslims become terrorists simply because they hate our “way of life”, not because of what our own government does to them through its foreign policy, quote the Afghani man above (backed by a group of supporters), talking to journalists about the latest scandal caused by Bush/Obama’s foreign interventionism.

The people of Aghanistan have always hated the Taliban, because the Taliban essentially foreign puppets of our own Pakistani military “allies”…yet the Afghani people are actually being driven to support their Talibani enemies, by our own hypocrisy.

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Polyamorous, libertarian heinleiner. ENTP, student of traditional Shaolin kung fu, writer, cunning linguist.

One Response to How Bush/Obama Create Terrorists

  1. jdseanjd says:

    Are the present US actions, promoting civil strife & civil wars in the Middle East & Africa in furtherance of UN Agenda 21?

    UN Agenda 21 calls for: an 80%-90% reduction in world population, to “sustainable” levels;
    the abolition of private property, including land ownership;
    the abolition of the family;
    & one world govt.

    Google agenda 21 for dummies.

    We live in interesting times.


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