Ron Paul is Right: Don’t Abandon What We’ve Achieved

“The truth is, if I would have tried, in the last several years, to do exactly what I have done, in a third party, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to your show.”

In his recent appearance on Jay Leno, Ron Paul made it clear that we should continue the fight to reclaim the Republican party from the socialist RiNOs…not abandon it for the ever-failed Libertarian party, right when we’ve achieved so much.

After the fiasco of blatant rule-violation and corruption at the Republican national convention, some Libertarian party members tried to convince us to abandon our efforts of six years, and join the LP.

In a bizarre parody of gradeschool rumor-mongering, they even created the impression that Paul was planning to announce a run third party run, or endorse the latest Libertarian candidate-of-convenience, Gary Johnson, in his coming appearance on The Tonight Show.

Many Paul supporters, myself included, pointed out that Ron had known what we faced from the start, and wouldn’t waste all we’d gained at the last minute.

Well, last night he did indeed appear on Jay Leno. Sure enough, he did NOT endorse (and even avoided mentioning) the LP, and specifically dismissed a third party run for legal/logistical reasons…

…and, most importantly, he pointed out:

“The truth is, if I would have tried, in the last several years, to do exactly what I have done, in a third party, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to your show.”

Paul understands this, because he did run third party, as a Libertarian in 1988, and got (literally) one tenth of the votes he did this year.

The Libertarian party candidates, in fact, never significantly increase their vote tally, from one election to the next. Part of this is because the system is rigged against them, but part of it is also because of the incompetence and corruption of the party, itself…note that the Green and Reform parties have gotten as much as 100 times as many votes as the LP.

We advocates of liberty have achieved more in the GOP, in just a handful of years, than the Libertarian Party did in four decades, by a factor of ten. We need to continue building on what we’ve accomplished, not abandon it for a tactic with a two generation history of failure.

“But the Republican party just proved itself so corrupt, at the convention”, one might object.

Yes, but we knew that going in…and, anyway, I experienced the exact same suppression of delegates, candidates, and floor efforts when I was a delegate to the 1996 Libertarian National Convention…so if you don’t like that kind of corruption, the LP is not an option.

Yes, the leadership is corrupt; but they’re also old. While they may not be as pure as Ron, there is a new generation of open Paul-supporters who are clearly the next generation of leadership, including Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and Mike Lee, all of whom have expressed outrage at the anti-Paul tactics at the convention.

And don’t forget that Ron Paul’s goal, in running this time and in staying in to accumulate delegates, was always to change the party’s platform and attitude, and he accomplished this, despite the corrupt leadership.

For example, the platform has now been changed to include the gold standard, and auditing the Fed, two of the issues Paul considers most important.

Ron Paul never seriously expected to get nominated. He explicitly explained, all along, that he had changed his mind and entered the race because he realized how much good he could do by influencing the political debate and the party…and he, with our help, has succeeded.

I have warned, all along, that obsessing over somehow seizing the nomination was going to give people the impression — when it inevitably did not happen — that we lost, right when we have won exactly what Paul aimed for.

Don’t let that be what happens. Don’t throw away six years of enormous progress in taking back the party, because the RiNO leadership turned out to be exactly as disgusting as we always knew they were.

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6 Responses to Ron Paul is Right: Don’t Abandon What We’ve Achieved

  1. iamrising says:

    Hmm… I took it completely the other way… that he DID endorse Gary Johnson… hehehe :) See my transcript & commentary…:

    • kazvorpal says:

      That is absolutely absurd. Paul went out of his way to avoid even mentioning Johnson and the LP. He said he doesn’t know who he is going to vote for. But, because he said the peace candidate usually wins, you think he’s secretly planning to vote for Johnson?

      First, “always wins” isn’t the same as “always who I will vote for”.
      Second, Johnson isn’t really a peace candidate. He’s much more interventionist than Paul.
      Third, Paul is HONEST, which is probably a foreign concept to the typical LP apologist…if he said he doesn’t know, then he does not know.

      Paul, unlike the frauds who started spreading rumors of him endorsing Johnson right after the convention, generally won’t say something unless it’s true.

  2. Reblogged this on PaulJohnson2012 and commented:
    I distrusted this rumor from the beginning. There was no source. But I held out hope and mentioned the possibility. Paul’s statements are what they are: honest, but diplomatic. He is not running any more, so he didn’t have to spill his guts, even though everyone was hoping he would do just that and more. I think the best thing to do is to take his words at face value. But also to put them in context. He did not say who he was voting for. Nor did he announce a third party run or make any endorsements. But that does not mean all of this is final. At this stage it would be pure fantasy to expect Paul to win as a third party presidential candidate or a write in candidate. But in this small window of time, we should weigh every option and not just assume the GOP will somehow succumb to the liberty movements demands, just because it has made a few (very FEW) inroads. I have no faith in the GOP. They are anathema to me. The Liberty movement will pry control from its cold dead fingers before the GOP relents to any reform of substance. It has been around for 150 years and has always been the way it is. Harding and Coolidge made inroads into the mercantilist corporatist corrupt party of Lincoln, McKinley, and Roosevelt. They were destroyed by Hoover and what little progress that was left was done-in by Eisenhower and Nixon. Goldwater made some progress as well. His own party rejected him and his legacy was finished off by Nixon and Ford. Reagan talked a good talk. He may have even meant well. While in office, what little progress he made was wiped out by the Bushes. This will continue to happen until the day the GOP collapses under its own weight. The blood on its hands and the money in its pockets counts for too much for them to just turn around and say they love liberty all of a sudden. The United States will not get past this gloomy stage until the day the GOP and its leadership implodes.

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