Mozilla Reps are strongly encouraged to experiment and try new things. In this section, we will be developing, testing and showcasing awesome new tools for Mozilla Reps.

Do you have what it takes to experiment and help us shape the future of Mozilla Reps tools? Drop by #remo-dev or subscribe to our mailing list to share your ideas and start hacking!

Mozilla Reps Companion

What can be cooler than having all your Reps documentation (SOPs, tutorials, tools etc..) one click away?

Install the Mozilla Reps Companion - Firefox add-on today.

Business card generator

Create your own Mozilla Reps business cards using our Business Card generator!

If you are a Mozilla Rep give it a try here.

So, you wanna join us?


The Mozilla Reps program is open to all Mozillians who are 18 years of age and above. Before you become a Mozilla Rep, you must complete a short but rigorous application process in order to demonstrate your interest in and motivation for joining the program. Are you ready to take on the challenges and rewards of advancing your leadership to the next level in Mozilla? If your answer is YES, apply to become a Mozilla Rep today!

Not sure if you're ready for Mozilla Reps? There are many other ways to take the lead in the Mozilla Community. If you're a student, register for the Student Reps program to gain experience leading projects at your school. And all of our contributor opportunities are available to you on the Get Involved homepage.

The Mozilla Reps application process involves three simple steps:

Thanks for your interest in making the Web better with Mozilla!