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Hartland Peninsula II

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This event is the same as the one the following day that is booked up. It is led by Robert Harvey and is for up to 6 participants.                       

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The Hartland Peninsula of North Devon has some of the most striking rock formations to be seen anywhere in England. Despite this it is relatively little known and much less frequently photographed than some other parts of the coast. At Hartland, layers of sandstone and shales deposited in the Carboniferous period have been folded and faulted into extraordinary shapes, with their twisted strata clearly visible in the cliffs and beaches. This occurred around 300 million years ago during a huge mountain-building event called the Variscan Orogeny as continental plates collided. Contorted strata tipped nearly vertical have created remarkable rock ridges and a double natural arch which make unusual and interesting photographs.  



This one day workshop will explore three outstanding and contrasting locations (within a radius of 8 miles) at the ideal states of tide to produce exceptional images. We will use neutral density filters and a variety of shutter speeds to show moving water in atmospheric ways and capture rock pool reflections at low tide.  The strong leading lines and textures of the rocks make both colour and monochrome photography productive in a variety of weather conditions.   



All three shooting locations are on rocky beaches and you will traverse up to 50m of uneven terrain to reach each of them. Two are located adjacent to car parks whilst the third involves a walk of one mile in each direction on a level track. All locations are intertidal and for best results you will be shooting at the water’s edge (on a falling tide).

The beaches are not wheelchair accessible so this field trip is not suitable for wheelchair users.

Bring a packed lunch.



DSLR camera or equivalent plus a range of lenses from wide angle (e.g. 16-35mm on a full-frame camera) through standard zoom to short / medium telephoto (e.g. 70-300mm on a full-frame camera).

Sturdy tripod.

Neutral density filters (not graduated) – ideally 4 stop, 6 stop and 10 stop – are essential to explore the effects of different shutter speeds on water.

Lens hood and rain sleeve in case of wet weather.

Hiking boots for rocks and wellington boots (or waders) for photography at the water’s edge.



Meeting Point: Hartland Quay Hotel, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DU

The initial meeting point is easy to find. One of the shooting locations involves driving a couple of miles on a narrow unpaved track to reach a beach car park (directions will be given to participants).

Participants who wish to stay overnight at Hartland Quay Hotel can make their own arrangements.

Toilets at Hartland Quay. 


Ticket prices for this event include a £2 carbon offsetting charge.  For more information click here.



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Chris McIntosh


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Hartland Quay Hotel



EX39 6DU