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The Art in Architecture with Les Forrester ARPS

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“Architecture should be able to excite you, to make you think”
Zaha Hadid

My presenting this talk will hopefully challenge your perceptions and make you think. Firstly I need to say that I’m not an architectural photographer but use buildings for my art. 

Most of my work is carried out abroad with modern architecture where I use the clean minimalist look along with the process of abstraction in a lot of my images. There is a mixture of colour and 

monochrome images within the presentation as well as interiors and exteriors shots plus ideas and inspiration throughout that you can adapt within your own photography. 

Finally, I think architecture must contain elements of magic, serenity and mystery. I think this presentation covers those so I hope you can join me and see what The Art in Architecture has to offer. 


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Suzanne Allen LRPS




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