9P/Tempel 1, Deep Impact


The Minor Planet Center (MPC) is the world's (International Astronomical Union designated) nerve center for asteroid and comet observations, and has become a functional sub-node of the Small Bodies Node of the NASA Planetary Data System. The MPC collects, processes, and distributes all positional measurements, orbits, and discovery information for all minor planets and comets (and some natural satellites too). The MPC also alerts the NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office and elements of the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) of any potential for impact by newly discovered Near Earth Objects (NEOs), helping to coordinate worldwide observers.

The Minor Planet Center Annex at the SBN (SBN-MPC -- this site) provides ancillary products and support regarding the MPC.

Vesta, Dawn

MPC Asteroid Name/Citation Search

A simple tool to search the naming citations of named minor planets.
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Itokawa, Hayabusa

MPC Database Status

The MPC creates copies of their database. The SBN is responsible for distributing these copies and related products to the community.



The MPC Users' Group (MUG) is composed of representatives from the major NEO surveys, the NEO follow-up community, the dynamics community, and the simulations community.

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