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JPL Small-Body Database Search Engine

Use this search engine to generate custom tables of orbital and/or physical parameters for all asteroids and comets (or a specified sub-set) in our small-body database. If this is your first time here, you may find it helpful to read our tutorial. Otherwise, simply follow the steps in each section: "Search Constraints", "Output Fields", and finally "Format Options". If you want details for a single object, use the Small Body Browser instead.

  Search Constraints:   help    
 Step 1: optionally limit your results by selecting one or more constraint below  
Limit by object type/group:
 object group:           
 object kind:           
 numbered state:           
Limit to selected orbit class(es):
------------------------------ Asteroid Orbit Classes ------------------------------ ---------- Comet Orbit Classes ----------
 Atira   Inner Main-belt Asteroid   TransNeptunian Object 
 Aten   Main-belt Asteroid   Parabolic Asteroid 
 Apollo   Outer Main-belt Asteroid   Hyperbolic Asteroid 
 Amor   Jupiter Trojan   Asteroid (other) 
 Mars-crossing Asteroid   Centaur   
 Hyperbolic Comet   Encke-type Comet 
 Parabolic Comet   Chiron-type Comet 
 Jupiter-family Comet*   Jupiter-family Comet 
 Halley-type Comet*   Comet (other) 
Limit by object characteristics:
no constraints

  Output Fields:   help    
 Step 2: select desired output fields from the lists below or pick from defined sets
(you can add fields one at a time or in groups)


 Step 3: add selected output fields (above) to your table (repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed)  

no fields selected
(object count only)

  Format Options:   help    
 Step 6: select desired output format (for HTML: optionally limit rows-per-page and output precision)
then press the button below to display your results
Table Format:
[ help? ]

  [HTML only]
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