What’s the difference between FULL and PARTIAL modes with SmartErrors?

SmartErrors instantly transforms your site’s dead-end 404 page not found error pages into intelligent internal site searches that increase visitor engagement with your site and reduce bounce rates. With SmartErrors enabled, keywords and contextual information from any referring link that produces a 404 error are automatically used to find and present relevant search results to your site’s visitors, discouraging them from using the back button and leaving your site to look elsewhere.  

SmartErrors may be enabled in two modes:

SmartErrors (FULL)

Enables SmartErrors for ALL HTML 404 page not found error pages, including any custom error pages you already have.  

SmartErrors (Partial)

Enables SmartErrors only for HTML 404 page not found error pages that are *not* customized. If you have a customized 404 error page SmartErrors will not intercept it in ‘partial’ mode.

You may configure your SmartErrors settings at any time from the CloudFlare app store by going to: 
My Websites->Apps->SmartErrors. 

Please visit our SmartErrors App page for more information about Smart Errors.

Note: SmartErrors will only function on domains and subdomains that are actively proxied by CloudFlare (i.e. the orange cloud is activated next for the domain/subdomain in the DNS editor).

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