Contacting Cloudflare Support

Learn the methods of contacting Cloudflare and their purpose.


Before contacting Cloudflare support, understand what information to provide to Cloudflare:

Finally, choose a method of contacting support corresponding to your plan type and whether you have general questions or are experiencing issues.

Known system issues are posted to the Cloudflare Status Page and are available via Atom and RSS feeds.

Guidelines for contacting Cloudflare support

Cloudflare support responds to every ticket received, in priority order:

  • Enterprise
  • Business
  • Pro
  • Free

Cloudflare Support cannot perform the following actions:

  • Make configuration or account changes on a customer’s behalf,
  • Provide sensitive account info over the phone, or
  • Troubleshoot or answer questions about domains not associated with the Cloudflare account email address used to contact support.
Do not share any sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, private keys, or API keys with Cloudflare.

Before notifying Cloudflare of an issue with your site, refer to the Cloudflare Status Page. If reporting issues with your site, ensure to provide adequate details in the support ticket.

Providing adequate ticket details

If you are filing a support ticket about errors or are requesting troubleshooting assistance, provide these details to avoid delayed response:

  • Your domain name
  • Site URLs that demonstrate the issue
  • Specific error messages observed
  • A screenshot of the errors
  • Any Cloudflare Ray IDs that appear in the error page
  • Specific improper behaviours observed (i.e. Site content doesn’t render properly)
  • Stepwise instructions on how to reproduce the issue on our end
  • If the issue occurs behind a login page, provide temporary test credentials
  • Relevant logs from your origin web server
  • A HAR file captured while demonstrating the issue
If the issue is difficult to explain or is very specific, provide the output of a screen capture session that demonstrates the issue and, if possible, another screen capture that demonstrates successful operation.

Methods of contacting Cloudflare support

There are several methods of contacting Cloudflare support and each is suited to a particular purpose:

The availability of each support method also depends on plan type as outlined in the table below:

  Enterprise Business Pro Free
Community Yes Yes Recommended Recommended
Support ticket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes No No
Emergency Phone Yes No No No


Community members work around the clock to respond to customer inquiries. Due to support ticket volume, Free customers find community responses faster when compared to filing support tickets. Customers can find many useful community tips for resolving common customer issues.

Support Ticket

All Cloudflare customers can correspond with Cloudflare support via support ticket. Response times depend on plan type and customers on Free plans typically receive faster responses through the Cloudflare community.

Minimize support delays by providing adequate details when requesting assistance.

File a support ticket via the following steps:

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the email and password for your Cloudflare account.
  3. Select the appropriate account requiring assistance.
  4. The Are you experiencing a problem with Cloudflare? window appears.
  5. Click Get more help in the Get additional help section.
  6. Select the domains having issues.
  7. Enter a one sentence summary of the issue and click Next.
  8. Cloudflare checks your domain for configuration issues and provides a summary of identified issues relating to your inquiry.
  9. Review the diagnostics information and click Next if your issue remains unresolved.
  10. Select the Category for your inquiry.
  11. Enter full details of your inquiry or issue in the Description. To ensure your troubleshooting request is not delayed, provide adequate details in the Description.


Support via chat is available to Business and Enterprise customers. Chat is a great format for asking specific questions but not for live troubleshooting. To start a chat session, click the Help icon in the bottom right of your Cloudflare dashboard.

Support agents redirect troubleshooting inquiries to a support ticket since Cloudflare cannot share or escalate customer chats internally for collaboration like support tickets.

Emergency Phone

Cloudflare provides emergency phone support to Enterprise customers. Phone support is only recommended for emergencies such as websites that are offline or under attack.

For account security, specific account settings and sensitive details are not discussed via phone. Also, sharing useful links and instructions is much easier via support ticket and less prone to communication error.

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