FAQ - Billing System Upgrade (2019)

In early 2019, Cloudflare upgraded its billing system in an effort to streamline our customer invoicing process. We've compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help address customer concerns during this transition. 

Why am I seeing a double charge in the month of March? 

During the migration to the new billing system, we incurred a delay that caused invoices for the month of February to get generated with the March invoices. Your latest invoice reflects the most accurate billing for your account.

Why am I seeing payment and invoice amounts that don't match up? 

Due to the delayed generation of invoices, payment and invoice dates may not have lined up. This has made it difficult to identify which payments were charged for which invoices. Nevertheless, the total payments, credits, and invoice amounts are correct in net. Now that we are caught up on invoice generation, this confusing scenario will be alleviated.

Why am I unable to set up a new payment method?

Cloudflare accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. No other payment methods (for example, Union Pay) are possible at this time. Please ensure that you're using a valid payment method.

Why am I getting payment declined emails messages?

Payments could be declined for various reasons including, but not limited to, insufficient funds and banks issuing a "do not honor" reason code. Check with your financial institution for specific details.  Learn more

When I try to transfer multiple domains in my Cloudflare Registrar order, some are failing. Why?

Cloudflare processes payments for Registrar domain transfers one at a time. In addition, our payment gateway system flags as duplicate any transactions that have the same dollar value for the same customer account.  We're working on improving our process to mitigate this problem. 

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