Understanding Cloudflare sales tax

As of May 2019, Cloudflare collects sales tax on sales of our services where required by law.


To adhere to tax laws in your state, Cloudflare now collects sales tax on sales of our services. Customers in certain states observe a sales tax charge on their invoices starting as early as May 1, 2019. Sales tax requirements are computed based on the 9 digit postal code of either the shipping or billing address on file for your Cloudflare account. It is possible to file for exemption of this sales tax.

Ensure your billing address and payment method are accurate within your Cloudflare account.

Filing for Cloudflare state sales tax exemption

Cloudflare is required by law to maintain documentation of tax exempt sales. If you or your company are exempt from paying sales tax, email ExemptionCertificates@cloudflare.com from an email address associated with your Cloudflare account and provide one of the following forms of tax-exempt documentation:

  • Resale certificate
  • Multi-state tax exemption certificate
  • Direct pay permit
  • Partial sales tax exemption certificate
  • Other proof showing tax exempt status, 501(c), government agency, etc.

Once Cloudflare validates your exemption, a tax-exempt status is added to your Cloudflare account information. Cloudflare invoices do not contain sales tax for the duration your exemption is valid.

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