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Advanced Tweeting options: @replies, #hashtags, photos, Geo, shortened URLs
Advanced Timeline actions
Photo stream
Troubleshooting tips

Advanced Tweeting options: @replies, #hashtags, photos, Geo, shortened URLs

To @reply to or mention another account:

  1. Type the @ symbol to bring up a list of accounts you can @reply or mention.
  2. As you start typing the list will narrow down to fewer results.
  3. Once you’ve found the user you’re looking for, tap their username.
  4. It will be populated in the Tweet and your character count will be adjusted accordingly.

To tweet with a hashtag:

  • To include a hashtag in your Tweet, type the # symbol and a list of current Trending Topics will appear.
  • You can choose to include one of these suggested hashtags (tap to select) or craft your own hashtag text.

To attach a photo to your Tweet:

  1. Tap the camera icon when you are composing a Tweet.
  2. A menu will appear below asking you to choose an image from your phone’s library or, if your iPad has a camera, to take a photo.
  3. Once the upload is complete, the camera icon will turn blue, the image will appear below the Tweet composer, and the character count will be adjusted by 22 characters to account for the link to the image. 
Note: Photos will automatically upload and post to your Tweet through our image hosting service, Videos can be posted through the third party app of your choice.

To tweet with your location:

  1. Tap the navigation icon to add your location to your Tweet. (This geo-location feature is turned off by default, so you’ll need to opt in to use it.)
  2. Once you tap the icon, it will automatically add your location to your Tweet. 
  3. When a user views your published Tweet, they will see this information below the Tweet.

Tweeting URLs:

  • URLs are now automatically shortened while you compose a Tweet.
  • If you start typing http://, the character counter will acknowledge you are attempting to tweet a link, and will change to reflect the shortened URL.
  • It will not start counting again until you've finished entering the URL.
  • For more information about Twitter’s link shortening feature, check out our How To Post Links article.

Advanced Timeline actions

To jump to the top of your timeline:

  • Sometimes you may be very far down your timeline. 
  • As a shortcut, you can tap the status bar at the top of your screen to jump to the top of your timeline and view the most recent Tweet.

To see conversations:

  • You can tap on a specific Tweet and see the conversation between the user and the other users who are mentioned in the Tweet.

Profile snapshot:

  • While you browse your or one of your friends’ timelines, you might find a Tweet from an account you want to learn more about. 
  • Take your thumb and index finger over the user’s avatar and while pressing down on the screen, move your fingers apart as if to expand the Tweet.
  • A small pop-up will appear with the user’s basic account info.
  • Tap View Full Profile to see the user’s complete profile, or tap anywhere on the screen outside of the pop-up to remove it.

Tweets with links to media:

  • Tapping on a Tweet that contains a link to a photo, video, or website will load the website or media in a new pane.
  • While you wait for the media pane to load, you can take your finger and slide the pane to the right and continue to browse your timeline.

Photo stream

  • Photo streams on Twitter aggregate the images you have uploaded in your Tweets into a organized stream where you can view your most recent images. 
  • You can also view other account's recent images by navigating to their profile page and view their photo stream right under View more Tweets. To find out more about images read this article.

Troubleshooting tips

Having trouble with the Twitter for iPad app? Try clearing your iPad’s cache — it helps the app run faster and solves many common problems. To clear your cache:

  1. Open your device's Settings.
  2. Navigate to Safari and select Clear Cookies and Data.

If you’ve cleared your cache but are still experiencing the issue, uninstall and resintall the app from the App Store.

Still Having Trouble? Contact Mobile Support.