Twitter for Android release notes

To update your version of the Twitter for Android application:

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Select the Menu, and then select Downloads
  3. Click Twitter App, and then press Update
  4. All the new hotness detailed below will be yours!

Don't have Twitter for Android yet? You can find the app in Google Play (just search for Twitter), on (click the Download Twitter for Android link at the very bottom of the page), or you can scan the handy QR code below:


Wherever you are, Twitter brings you closer.

Essential: An organized stream of Tweets that delivers the best content to you.
Instant: All the media, news, events, and information you need.
Personal: Your world, expressed in Tweets and photos.

Search in real time. Follow people you’d like to know. Watch rising trends.

Latest: v4.0.3

  • Bug fixes and improvements



  • See what's happening near you or around the world by viewing Trends in hundreds of locations.
  • Get quick access to account switching and settings via the menu button.
  • Enjoy a smoother experience thanks to bug fixes and other improvements.



  • Fixes Me Tab loading issues.
  • Improves UI on Honeycomb (v3.X) devices.



New in this release of Twitter for Android:

  • We've got a brand new look and feel crafted for Android 4.0+.  Navigate seamlessly between your favorite parts of Twitter with a simple swipe.
  • It's easier to connect with friends and join conversations with @username and @hashtag suggestions that appear as you search or compose a Tweet
  • Discover, install, and launch your favorite apps from Tweets
  • Other bug fixes and improvements



This update includes several improvements and bug fixes.

  • Top Tweets from big moments in the past pop out when you search for a given term. When you tap a Top Tweet in search results, you can see more Tweets about that topic during that time.
  • Discover shows a new, smoother animation when you pull to refresh for more content.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.



  • Fixed crash when tapping tweet for Thai language users.
  • Other bug and crash fixes.



Get more great content, faster.

  • Search shows the most relevant mix of people, Tweets and photos.
  • Discover delivers a stream of Tweets, accounts to follow and more. Pull to refresh or scroll to see more.
  • Links open instantly when you tap on URLs in your stream.
  • Connect shows interactions like new followers, retweets and mentions by default. You can switch to “view mentions only” in settings.
  • Improved support for Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew (Android 4.0 and higher).
  • Bug fixes and reduced crashes.



Create beautiful photos right within Twitter, with filters powered by Aviary.

  • Apply one of eight different filters to instantly add a new look and feel to your photos
  • Choose a filter by comparing all your options in a convenient grid view or by swiping through each version
  • Make your photos pop with balanced light and colors by tapping the quick fix wand
  • Crop and scale to frame the action the way you want

We’ve also added many other improvements and fixes to this update.

Happy Holidays!



  • Tweet Forward Discovery - The Discover Stories are now displayed as Tweets
  • Media-forward timelines - Previews of Photos, Videos & Summary in the Tweets, available in select Timelines
    • Available on Discover, Search & Events Timelines
  • Search: media onebox, social proof, query highlights, query source - See more in your search results with photos at the top, social proof displayed with the Tweets and highlights of the query term in the tweets
  • Password reset - reset your password through a web-based flow, with email reset link, and back into the app to enter new password



  • Improved profile layout for larger screens
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes



      • New profiles with header photos
      • Photo streams on profiles and events
      • Pinch-to-zoom on photos
      • Search suggestions for people, topics and hashtags
      • Improved protected account management including the ability to accept or deny follower requests



          • Fixed a bug that was causing a crash when users are trying to upgrade the app



            • Expanded Tweets: when you view Tweet details containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more. Note: this feature is rolling out gradually
            • Push notifications for Tweets: choose to receive notifications from people you follow anytime they tweet or retweet
            • Improvements to search autocomplete for users
            • Discover: now indicates when new stories are available for you to view
            • Search: various improvements and fixes
            • Tappable avatars that take you directly to user profiles
            • Performance improvements
            • Updated with new Twitter bird
            • Many other tweaks, polish, and bug and crasher fixes



                  • Fixes missing avatars on devices running Eclair (Android 2.0/2.1) 
                  • Accurately displays sync settings based on system sync setting
                  • Fixes Top Tweets appearing out of order in search and discover
                  • Fixes various other bugs and crashers.



                      • Fixes crash for users in Dutch, Finnish, and Hungarian
                      • Adds support for Indonesian



                      • Updated design and improved relevance of Discover stories
                      • Activity in Discover tab shows who your connections follow, updates to their lists, and which Tweets they retweet and favorite
                      • Spelling suggestions and related searches for search results in Discover tab
                      • Username autocomplete for people you follow in Connect tab
                      • New push notifications for when your Tweets have been retweeted or favorited or when you have new followers
                      • New language support: Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Thai



                      • Fixes an issue where some users were not receiving updates for Mentions and Interactions in the Connect tab



                      • Cashers and bug fixes. You can read more about them here.



                        • Swipe shortcut
                        • Improved scrolling and network performance
                        • Improved support for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich devices
                        • Support for Kindle Fire and B&N Nook
                        • Confirmation alert for Find Friends
                        • Security improvements
                        • New languages: Filipino, Simplified Chinese
                        • Many other bug fixes, improvements, and polish



                          • Crashers and bug fixes



                          The latest version of Twitter offers a faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about on your Android device.

                          • Home is where you start from: a personal collection of Tweets from the sources you care about. The Tweet details show rich information such as replies, retweets and embedded images.
                          • @Connect is the place to see who followed or mentioned you, retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets. It’s where you keep the conversation flowing.
                          • #Discover is where you can tap into the stories and trends people are talking about in your world. You can also find friends, browse interests, and explore hashtags here. 
                          • Me puts you and your interests front and center. From here you can exchange direct messages with your followers. 



                          • Changes to the Settings menu. You can read about the settings menu here.
                          • Many bug fixes. You can read more about them here.




                            This is a hotfix update that contains two bug fixes.

                            • Fixes a bug where the user was being mistakenly asked to sign in at launch.
                            • Fixes a bug where all notifications were being cleared when any account was removed.
                            • You can learn more about these fixes and other known issues here: Twitter for Android Known Issues.




                              • Push notifications: Instantly know when people are connecting with you and talking about the things you care about.
                              • Multiple accounts: Set up and use multiple Twitter accounts without ever logging out. Switching between accounts is easy.
                              • Widgets: Personalize your home screen with Twitter widgets. We've updated their look and now you can see both tweets and @mentions.
                              • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes. 




                                  • Add and remove saved searches from universal search suggestions
                                  • SSL used for network requests
                                  • Font size setting
                                  • Tapping on a map in detail view searches nearby Tweets
                                  • Launch links directly from a message
                                  • Ability to delete messages
                                  • Added Tweet count to user profile
                                  • Improved avatar loading
                                  • Improved the way data is cleared to conserve more space
                                  • Fixed a bug where music skips when refreshing, etc.
                                  • Many bug fixes!




                                  • Timeline now maintains its position when you exit/enter the app.
                                  • Tapping on a map thumbnail now opens to a full screen map.
                                  • Fixed crashes when in landscape mode.
                                  • App refreshes with latest Tweets upon launch.
                                  • Other bug fixes.




                                  • Redesigned home screen.
                                  • Signed-out experience.
                                    • Browse trends.
                                    • Browse suggested users.
                                    • Search Tweets.
                                  • Users can now sign up for Twitter directly from the app.
                                  • All new Search features.
                                    • Integration with Android Quick Search Box
                                    • Find your friends on Twitter.
                                  • Messages are threaded.
                                  • Your tweets Retweeted is now part of the Mentions timeline.
                                  • Favorites, Retweets (by others), Suggested users, and Lists are combined into one convenient tab view.
                                  • Edit profile has been improved.
                                  • Uploading images have been improved.
                                  • @username auto-complete in Tweet composer.
                                  • Performance improvements.
                                  • Hundreds of bug fixes.




                                  Fixes and new features in this release:

                                  • Promoted tweets in search. Searching for a topic will return promoted tweets if there are any.
                                  • Speed improvement for Timeline/lists. Scrolling Tweets is lot smoother now.
                                  • About, Privacy & Terms added to Settings. Go to Home -> Settings -> About to see what version of Twitter for Android you are running.
                                  • Quote/Retweet confirmation dialog. The user has the option to either Retweet, Quote, or cancel when tapping on the retweet icon.
                                  • Cleaner timeline
                                  • Tweet details. Tap a tweet to view its details.
                                  • Tweet actions in search results (retweet, favorite, share, reply)
                                  • Pull-to-refresh. From the top of a list, pull down and release to refresh the list.
                                  • Swipe to reveal. From your timeline, fling a Tweet left or right to reveal actions underneath.
                                  • Inline maps. Open a tweet with a geolocation to view a map inline with its content.
                                  • Search results now contain top tweets
                                  • Page break. If you haven't refreshed in a while, you may see a page break in your timeline. Tap the page break to load tweets.



                                  Fixes and new features in this release:

                                  • Trends and Search added.
                                  • Removed cloud animations.
                                  • Removed bird animation.
                                  • Removed trend bubbles.
                                  • Re-tweets are now shown in a user's timeline (including rts).
                                  • DM "To:" list now opens a list of followers rather than following (You can only DM people who follow you).
                                  • You can now retweet from any timeline.
                                  • Favoriting a tweet now favorites the original tweet rather than a retweet.
                                  • Cleaned up User profile flow UI flow. Each item in the user's profile is now a touchable target.
                                  • User lists (followers/following) no longer show the latest tweet.
                                  • Followers list is now sorted by most recently followed.
                                  • Following list is now sorted by most recently following.



                                  Fixes and new features in this release:

                                  • Updated to use OAuth instead of basic auth.
                                  • FIXED: Null pointer exception when trying to search people
                                  • FIXED: Uploading your profile pic using the app
                                  • FIXED: Newline characters no longer result in weird bylines
                                  • FIXED: Force close when scrolling the timeline
                                  • FIXED: Force close when deleting a link, switching orientation




                                  • Its faster than the previous version
                                  • Auto refresh is now added.
                                  • People search is fixed.



                                  Minor bug fixes for some users experiencing crashes
                                  2650796 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering Tweets (and search Tweets results)

                                  2651271 NPE when clicking enter in the Direct Message username

                                  2651469 NPE when an account cannot be added

                                  2651620 IndexOutOfBoundsException in Spanish (and maybe other languages)

                                  2659866 Incomplete image URL in Tweet is interpreted as image link

                                  2656515 NPE due to missing user in the database