1. . This woman Bridget Anne Kelly is obviously an erratic employee who acted without your knowledge. You understand?

  2. Greg Mitchell and Elliott Forrest follow "Following the Ninth" with Q&A at Nyack Center.

  3. Flash mob ends Rivertown Films excellent night of Beethoven at Nyack Center.

  4. Unknown artist pasted the Photoshop toolbar on several posters of H & M in Germany.

  5. SNL hires Sasheer Zamata as featured player, starting Jan. 18. UVA, Upright Citizens, black, female. First black female cast mbr in years.

  6. A lovely tribute. RT : Anna E. Crouse who helped establish the TKTS booth in Duffy Square, died at 97.

  7. That game-winning field goal went *through the arms* of this Packers player. Can't get any closer.

  8. Marge (after watching an illegally downloaded movie): "But Hollywood says stealing from Hollywood is wrong."

  9. The Jim Nantz-Phil Simms announcing team is precisely what the remote's mute button was designed for.

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