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WordPress.com offers managed hosting — a service that is 100% dedicated to hosting WordPress open source software and optimized for performance. Managed hosting is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with the backend technical operations of running a website. You get all the power of WordPress, professionally managed and hassle-free, including: 

  • Speed: WordPress.com earned Top Tier status in the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks review with perfect 100% uptime on both monitors, zero errors across both load tests and the fastest WP bench of any company in any price tier this year. 
  • Powerful, built-in SEO: All of our themes are optimized for search engines, which means they are designed to make it easy for the Googlebot (and other search engines) to crawl through them and discover your content.
  • Ironclad security: Our systems and security teams are vigilant about protecting your site and personal data. That’s why we’re trusted by some of the most high-profile sites on the web. 
  • Hands-on support: We offer world-class dedicated support from our happiness engineers, educational courses, and webinars from WordPress specialists.
  • Peace of mind: We make it easy to get started and maintain your site with automatic version updates and real-time backups that happen in the background, so you’ll never worry about losing your site content

Each year, millions of people sign up for WordPress.com and we want to connect them to great people who can help them build and grow their website. Sign up here to be contacted about partnership opportunities for developers and agencies as they become available. 

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To learn more about the benefits of managed hosting, check out our Managed Hosting 101 webinar: 

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