City Hall operations and policies

Contact the City

How to contact us online, by phone, or in person.

City Hall weddings

Get details on booking a micro-wedding at Vancouver City Hall.

Organizational structure

Learn what each service group does to support the community.

Reimagine City Hall

We want you to help us envision the City Hall we will need to support the evolving needs of the public and staff.

Illuminate City Hall and Burrard Street Bridge

Apply to light up City Hall and the Burrard Street Bridge for your community's cultural celebration or religious holidays.

Visits for dignitaries and delegations

Arrange a visit for dignitaries and delegations with our external relations and protocol office.

Corporate policies and procedures

Learn about the principles and rules we use when working with employees, board members, officials, visitors, and vendors.

Mission and values

Create a great city of communities that cares about our people, environment, and opportunities to live, work, and prosper.

Website policies

Find our website terms of use, privacy policy, accessibility commitment, and privacy policy.