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Impressive. Restored WP site using VaultPress. Absolutely no problems w/ change of database/server. Site looks perfect. Great stuff!

@vaultpress it’s backing up my site now. I already built a nightly S3 full-site/db backup for my blog, but this is sexier ;-)

Posted on Jul 23

just setup @vaultpress, the new backup service for @wordpress, it's super easy to configure & creates hourly snapshots of your blog

Posted on Jul 13

whew. thank goodness for @vaultpress and the new one-click database restore. had to use it today. so easy. 10000% worth paying for

Posted on Jan 9

@popstache site is fully backed up using @vaultpress / love the peace of mind / already have 13 snapshots of it as backups in the last 12 hours.

Posted on Dec 30

33 charts was hacked — one month of blog posts vaporized… but quickly recovered by @vaultpress. Worth. Every. Dime.

Just activate VaultPress on a WordPress website I manage. Instantly impressed.

Posted on May 25

If you run a WordPress blog then I highly recommend @vaultpress and @cloudflare, amazing solutions and A+ customer service.

Posted on Sep 21


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With realtime backups, never worry about losing a single piece of data or content again.

Huge #FF shout out to Brian @vaultpress who just killed a nasty virus on my blog. You sooooooo rock! #grateful

Posted on Sep 13

Discovered today that @vaultpress acts as a site monitor as well as backup! First indication that my blog was down was an email from them!

Posted on Sep 13

Use VaultPress to make sure your #wordpress site is safe. Awesome #plugin to make the wordpress universe safer.

Posted on Jun 1

My blog was hacked. In three emails @vaultpress not only researched it, but gave me a solution that got it fixed. yay!

Posted on Sep 10


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Automated malware scanning means you can stop letting security problems go undetected.

ThemeShift is now backed up by @vaultpress. Easy! Thanks to them my siesta is even more relaxing. #wordpress #backup

Posted on Jul 29

I have a feeling @vaultpress will be the best $15/month I ever spend.

Posted on Jul 10

Just gotta say how much I love @vaultpress - excellent support and service, plus invaluable function.

I am feeling very (blog) secure all of a sudden: Just installed @vaultpress on swiss-miss.com. YAY!

Posted on Aug 10

Just started using @vaultpress. Instant peace of mind, great service & works like a charm.

Posted on Aug 15

I must say, @vaultpress is the greatest thing ever. It just works.


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