Turn sign-ups into attendees


Make pro events with less work


Get your audience talking


Analyze, engage, and convert

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Turn sign-ups into attendees

Add custom webinar registration forms

Get to know your audience ahead of time with registration forms you can edit to gather the information you want. Add custom response fields and branding with your company’s logo and colors.

Integrate with top marketing platforms

Sync the data from your event registration forms with the platforms you already use — Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, and more — to automate your lead generation workflows, and simplify your event life.

Fully branded, automatic event emails

Get more people at your event with automatic confirmation and reminder emails sent to everyone who signed up — customized with your logo and branding.


Make pro events with less work

Make expert webinars easily

New to events? No problem. Our browser-based webinar software’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create a stunning viewer experience with branding, graphics, and more.

Pre-build your entire webinar

Figure out your flow beforehand for more confidence during your event. Pre-build every scene ahead of time, including speakers, graphics, polls, pre-recorded video — the works.

Add more guest speakers

Get everything you need to manage a big lineup of guest speakers. We even have a virtual backstage area where your speakers can chat privately, and see when it’s their turn to go live.


Get your audience talking

Create fully interactive webinars

Bring your audience into the action with chat, polls, and Q&A — but keep things on-topic with moderation tools. Set up these interactive tools before your event, or add them on the fly.

Brand your event in a few clicks

Use our simple drag-and-drop tools to put professional polish on every part of your webinar: Brand your automated emails. Add sleek lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and your logo, of course. All in your exact brand colors.

Stunning, no-fuss viewer experience

Your viewers don’t need to download anything to experience your webinar in stunning, TV-quality video right from their web browser — no matter where they are, or what their bandwidth is.


Analyze, engage, and convert

Convert leads better with granular data

After your webinar ends, let our event- and viewer-level analytics show you who attended, how much they watched, and if they participated with audience interaction tools. Then use that info to follow up and turn more viewers into customers.

Auto-archive, trim, then share

The answer to your most asked question: Yes, the recording will be available after the event. Our webinar software automatically saves every webinar recording to your account so you can easily organize, embed, and share past events.

Create evergreen marketing content

Turn your webinar recording into high-performing content across all your marketing channels. Add chapters to your recording, and easily embed on your website. Plus trim your event recording into shorter clips or even GIFs that you can use in email or social campaigns — all on Vimeo.

Produce all-in-a-browser webinars

Offer your viewers a stunning webinar experience from any web browser, on any device — no download required.

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Webinar FAQs

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We have answers.

How do I choose a webinar platform?

The best way to choose a webinar platform is to find the one that covers all of your unique webinar needs. Vimeo Events offers an easy-to-use platform that can help you boost attendance rates with custom registration forms that integrate with your marketing flow. You can engage viewers with a stunning video experience and interactive tools, such as moderated chat, polls, and Q&A. And when your webinar wraps up, you can turn your event recording into an evergreen piece of marketing content with our video editing, hosting, and management tools.

What is the difference between a webinar and a meeting?

In a meeting, most or all participants can screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see the other attendees in order to discuss a topic (or just shoot the breeze). In a webinar, one host and/or participants will share their video and screen to present on a particular topic, to a group of attendees. In the best case scenario, as with Vimeo Events, viewers can also ask questions, take polls, and chat.

What is an interactive webinar?

A webinar is an event where one presenter may reach a large audience and where interactive tools provide the ability for that audience to ask questions, chat with each other, or answer a poll — all available on Vimeo.

How do I start a webinar?

To start a webinar, first plan your goals for the event whether lead generation, brand awareness, or sponsorship revenue. Then pick the webinar platform (see above), and create content that will engage your desired audience. Promote your webinar through email, social, and more. Finally, follow-up with a recording of the webinar, a feedback survey, or special content to keep attendees engaged.

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