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Raphael Rogers

You’ve seen Raphael’s work in short films, music videos, and more. His evocative, versatile clips are available exclusively on Vimeo.

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We decided to license our collection with Vimeo Stock because we respect Vimeo and the work they’ve done to promote high-end cinematography and creators like us.”

Mitchell Scott Executive Producer of Sherpas Cinema
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Frequently asked questions

Questions? We’ve got answers. Or, you can head to the Help Center.

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What does royalty-free stock footage mean?

When you buy footage, you pay a one-time license fee to use stock footage in your video projects. After that, you won’t have to pay any royalties that are based on plays or the number of video projects. For more details, see our license agreement.

How can I use clips?

Since all of our stock clips are royalty-free and cleared for commercial use, you can use each licensed clip in an unlimited number of video projects, such as commercials, narrative films, documentary films, on websites, and in corporate videos. For more details, see our license agreement. For information on enhanced licensing or extended coverage, please visit Vimeo Stock Enterprise for details.

How can I organize my stock clips in a wishlist?

You can use albums to collect clips you want to consider licensing, or as a moodboard to start gathering ideas for your projects. You can share albums to make sure you’re aligned with your team on which clips work best before you make the purchases. Once you’ve licensed a clip, you can access it alongside your own uploaded videos.

Can I download a preview version of the clip for testing?

Absolutely! Our previews (or “comps”) are 720 x 1280 versions of each file, with a watermark added. While you can’t use these files in any video that you distribute online, these files are perfect for testing in your edit before licensing.

Can I sell my stock footage on Vimeo Stock?

We’re thrilled you’re interested! We’ve partnered with creators to offer an extensive collection of both exclusive and non-exclusive footage. For now, joining the collection happens on an invite-only basis. While we aren’t yet looking for more submissions, we will be in the future, and would love to see your work. If you’re interested in licensing your footage, or sharing other feedback about Vimeo Stock, check out this form.

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