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Associate your activity with a gTLD suffix that uses a powerful and unambiguous term, dedicated to museum activities.

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Legitimize your activity and positioning to be more credible and easily identifiable by your audience.


Make yourself known and develop your reputation by capitalizing on your know-how and your expertise in the field.

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the .museum registration policy including GDPR



Make your .museum website a key element of your communication to increase your activity.

On this blog you will find tips to increase the visibility of your museum with an efficient and controled online presence!

Blog For Museums CommunicationMuseumsToolsWebsite
30 October 2020

Increase the number of visitors with a museum blog

Deciding to start a blog on your website is an excellent idea as writing articles is a fantastic way of highlighting the activities at your museum, sparking your community’s interest…

Museum Virtual Tour from Mobile phone MuseumsToolsWebsite
29 September 2020

3 good reasons to offer a virtual tour of your museum

According to the International Council of Museums (ICOM), 90% of museums were forced to close following government announcements regarding the preventative measures against the COVID-19 epidemic. That represents over 85,000…

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