Get to know your visitors.

By integrating Google Analytics with WordPress, you can learn more about your audience without writing a single line of code.

Better analytics, better decisions.

Narrow the gap between your website’s intent and its actual impact. Harness the power of Google’s powerful analytics software, and use real data to make informed decisions.

Find trends
Use funnel reports to track the path visitors take through your site and discover trends that can help you optimize their experience.
Measure conversions
Measure how visitors complete specific tasks, like reaching a product page or form, and tweak your website to remove speedbumps.
Join the community
There’s huge overlap between the Google and support communities. You’ll find tutorials, videos, tips and more to help you get the most from your data.
Use it free
Google Analytics integration is included as part of Premium. Simply enable it in your settings to start tracking your traffic.

WordPress and Google. Better together.

Google Analytics’ advanced features compliment’s built-in stats, telling you how and why people come to your site. Get a boost to your business data at no added cost.