Footer Credit Options

All users can choose among several options for the footer credit, from a minimalist logo to text options like “A Website” or “Website Powered by

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To find these options, head to My Site(s) → Select the site you want to edit → Appearance → Customize Site Identity. In the Site Identity section, look for the Footer Credit menu. Choose the option you would like to use — the Customizer will let you preview how each one looks on your site — and select Save & Publish to make the update.

Footer Credits Options
Footer Credit options

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Business Plan Sites

If your site is on our Business plan, you have the option to remove the footer credit altogether.

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Other Plans

Sites on any plan other than Business are required to keep the footer credit intact. On those sites, you may choose from one of the alternative wordings or the WordPress icon.

Modifying the style of the footer text with custom CSS — i.e. colors and font size — is allowed as long as the credit stays readable.

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Adding to the Credit

If you have a Premium or Business plan, then you can also use custom CSS to add content like a copyright notice to the existing footer. If you would like to do that, you can ask in the CSS Customization forum and our staff or our community volunteers will be happy to help.

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