Manage Purchases, Renewals & Cancellations

This guide explains how to manage the purchases you have made on WordPress.com.

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View and Manage Your Purchases

To manage all of the purchases you have made on WordPress.com:

  1. Click on your profile in the top right corner of your dashboard (next to the Write button.)
  2. From the options in the left sidebar, choose Purchases.
The profile icon is marked with an orange arrow.
Click on your profile in the top right corner of WordPress.com

You can also click this button to visit the Purchases page directly:

From this screen, you can see your current Active Upgrades, past Billing History, and any saved Payment Methods for all of your WordPress.com sites:

The Purchases screen, showing examples of different purchases.
Purchases → Active Upgrades

To view your purchases for a single site only, go to Upgrades → Purchases in the site’s dashboard.

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Cancel a Purchase

Canceling a purchase will turn off the automatic renewal, ensuring you will not be charged again. You will still own your purchase until the date of expiry.

To cancel a plan or domain purchase:

  1. On your Purchases screen, click on the purchase you wish to remove.
  2. Select Cancel Subscription.
  3. The next screen explains that canceling will keep your subscription active until the expiry date, but it will not automatically renew after that. Click Cancel Subscription again.
  4. Fill out the brief survey and click Next Step.
  5. You’ll have the option to chat with us in case there’s anything we can help you with before you remove your plan. Click Next Step.
  6. On the final screen, click Cancel Now.
A Premium plan, with the Cancel Subscription option highlighted

To remove a purchase completely, first cancel it using the steps above. When you have turned off the automatic renewal, you will see a Remove WordPress.com Plan or Remove domain option instead of “Cancel Subscription”. This will remove the plan or domain from your account, removing all features immediately.

For Business and eCommerce plan sites with plugins or custom code

There are a few additional steps that are required when cancelling a Business or eCommerce plan. Since these sites exist on special servers that allow for custom code, the cancellation involves moving the site back to our standard server environment. This means:

  • Custom plugins, themes and custom code you had installed as well as any premium features not available in the lower level plan will be removed.
  • Your site will return to the way it looked before you installed the first plugin, theme or custom code, although we will preserve your posts, pages and media files. Take into account that any content built with plugins will be lost.
  • The site will be made private so you can check it over before making it public on the new plan.

You will be prompted to download a backup of your site before the plan is removed.

A screen describing what to expect when cancelling with some checkboxes to confirm and buttons to continue
The final step of the pre-cancellation questionnaire for Business and eCommerce plans

After you choose to Remove Plan, an automatic process is triggered to move the site back to the standard server environment. Depending on the size of the site, this can take between 10 minutes and a few hours – you will receive an email once the process is complete.


The site is made Private during the plan removal. Once you have the email to confirm it is complete, we recommend checking your site content before making it public once again on the Free plan.

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Refund Policy

Most subscriptions can be canceled for a refund within 14 days of purchase or renewal, or 7 days for subscriptions that are billed monthly. This includes the WordPress.com Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce plans, Google Workspace, and Professional Email.

Some products have different refund timeframes:

  • 96 hours for domain registrations and renewals (to be eligible for a refund, you must cancel the domain.) See this page for complete information on domain cancellations.
  • Domain redemption fees are non-refundable unless the redemption process fails.

If you used a free domain credit to register a domain and request a refund after the 96-hour domain refund period, we will retain the cost of the domain and refund the remaining amount of the plan. You will keep the domain and can use it elsewhere, or cancel it so it won’t be renewed next year.

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Automatic Renewal

By default, WordPress.com plans, domains, and other subscriptions are set to automatically renew to ensure there’s no disruption in your services, loss of features, or loss of your custom domain name. Automatic renewal ensures that everything is taken care of in advance and allows time to resolve any issues with payment.

  • Automatic renewal occurs 30 days before the expiration date for yearly plans, and on the expiration date for monthly plans. Your subscription is extended from the original expiration date, so you do not lose any time you paid for by renewing 30 days in advance.
  • If you have a yearly subscription, you will be notified by email before your card is charged.
  • If the automatic renewal is turned off, your subscription will continue until its expiration date and will not be renewed.
  • Subscriptions with automatic renewal disabled can be manually renewed by clicking on Renew Now.
  • Full details on the renewal costs for domains can be found on our Domain Pricing page.
In this example, the renewal will occur on June 19, 2020. If the automatic renewal is turned off, the plan would expire on August 19th, 2020 (30 days later.)
Turn Off Automatic Renewal

To turn off the automatic renewal, follow these steps.

  1. Click on My Site(s) Upgrades→ Purchases and select a purchase.
  2. Under Subscription Renewal, if you see “Auto-renew is ON”, you can toggle the option to turn it off.
  3. A popup will appear for you to confirm the cancellation. Click Confirm cancellation to turn off the automatic renewal.

You will be notified via email before your subscription ends if you plan on manually renewing.

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Upgrade Your Plan

You can upgrade your website’s WordPress.com plan by visiting My Site → Upgrades Plans. You can view the features of each plan and click Upgrade below the plan you’d like to upgrade to.

Pro-Rated Credits

You can upgrade your plan at any time. Credit for the remaining time on your existing plan will be applied to your upgrade, thanks to pro-rated credits.

The pro-rated credits notice is showing on the plans page.

Here’s an example of upgrading from a one-year WordPress.com Personal subscription ($48/yr) to a one-year WordPress.com Business subscription ($300/yr) two months after purchasing the WordPress.com Personal Plan (prices are shown in USD):

$300 – (($48/12) x remaining time) = first payment

If you have 10 months left on your existing WordPress.com Personal Plan, you would take $48 and divide that by 12 to get the monthly rate of $4. Then, multiply the monthly rate of $4 by the remaining months in your plan (in this case, 10) to get $40.

Next, subtract the value of the remaining time from the new plan, in this example, the Business plan for $300. Your first payment would be $300 – $40, or $260.

When your new plan renews, it will renew at the full price at the correct time.


Pro-rated credits may be used for upgrading your site to a higher plan, not for other sites or renewals such as custom domains or Google Workspace.

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Downgrade Your Plan

If you wish to choose a lower plan, first cancel automatic renewal by following these steps. When it comes time for renewal, the old plan will be removed and you can purchase a different plan. If you would like to downgrade immediately, please contact support.

If you are looking to downgrade from a Business or eCommerce Plan, please be aware that downgrading from one of these plans means:

  • You would lose any plugins or third-party themes you had installed as well as any features not available with the lower level plan.
  • Your site will revert to the way it looked before you installed the first plugin.
  • We will preserve the following content: pages, posts, and media files. Take into account that any content built with plugins will be lost.
  • The site will be made private so you can check it over before making it public on the new plan.

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Manage Domain Purchases

With the purchase of an annual or a two-year plan, you receive a credit that can be used to register a free custom domain name or transfer a domain you already own to WordPress.com. The domain credit covers one year of domain registration. Monthly plans don’t include a free domain.

Domains are renewed independent of the plan and billing information (as well as automatic renewal settings) can be managed through the same place your plans are managed. Please see our Domain Pricing and Available TLDs support page or visit your account’s Purchases page and select your domain name to determine the renewal price.

From your Purchases page, you can select one of your domains to manage its payment options:

Domain purchase optins
  • Renew Now will let you renew the domain for another year (adding an additional year to its existing expiration date).
  • Change Payment Method will allow you to choose a new payment method that will be used for automatic renewal.
  • Cancel Domain will cancel the domain and remove it from your account.


After canceling a domain, there is no guarantee the domain will become available to register somewhere else, and you may not be able to get it back. You have the option to keep the domain at WordPress.com and use it with another service. See our alternatives here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to renew, but can’t log in. How can I gain access to my account?

If you have access to the email address used to create the account, you can reset your password using our Lost Password form. If you no longer have access to the account or to the email address listed for the account, you can use our account recovery form to gain access.

When will I be charged next?

You can see your upcoming renewals in your account by viewing your purchases. Here’s how to see when your subscription renews.

Why can’t I renew a domain name or plan on my site?

Only the owner of the domain name or plan may renew the plan. If you don’t see the option to renew listed via Manage Purchases, let the owner of the subscription know so they can renew it.

What happens if I don’t renew a purchase?

If you choose to let your plan expire, your site will be switched to our Basic (free) plan. You will no longer have access to the features included in your plan, and in some cases, content created may be lost. You can create a backup of your site’s content through My Site → Tools → Export prior to your plan expiring.

Letting a domain expire means you release rights to the name and anyone can register the domain name for themselves. If you choose not to renew your domain name, we recommend that you cancel it completely. You can cancel and remove a domain name from your site by going to the Manage Purchases section of your Account Profile, selecting the domain name, and selecting the option to cancel or remove the domain name. Removing a domain name does not make it automatically available to use elsewhere. If you’re looking to use your domain name elsewhere, you can transfer or map the domain name to your new provider.

I don’t recognize this charge!

Charges from WordPress.com will have “WordPress” or “WPCHRG.com” listed on your billing statement. If you are unsure what this charge was for, you can search for more information and/or contact Billing Support here.

After you purchase a plan or add a new domain, we take care of keeping the subscription up-to-date for you. You don’t have to worry about renewing your subscription every year. If your payment information needs updating, we’ll let you know.

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